Homemade Bread by Matteo Cunsolo

Fragrant, soft, and irresistible, homemade bread is the symbol par excellence of genuinely healthy food. In recent years more and more Italians have become fascinated with the art of preparing bread at home – a pastime that offers them a bit of fun and the knowledge that they are serving Continue Reading

The Art of Speaking

Speaking is an art. It is one of the greatest expressions of who we are. Our language reflects our thoughts and projects our persona. It is as much our style as the outfit we wear. Language reflects personal grooming and the respect we have for ourselves and those we’re talking Continue Reading

Pizza with Six Tomatoes

A gourmet pizza that celebrates the Neapolitan gastronomic culture and its most famous delicacies, made with six types of tomatoes: this is the recipe for Pizza ai sei Pomodori by brothers Francesco and Salvatore Salvo of Pizzeria SALVO in San Giorgio a Cremano, a town outside the city of Naples Continue Reading

Armani’s Sweet Christmas Collection

Ultra-refined Italian fashion house Armani is bringing an exclusive air of delicious lux to holiday celebrations with its 2016 Winter Holidays collection of superbly handcrafted goodies. Elegant packages exuding the sophistication for which the brand is so well known open to reveal masterfully created treats made with only the highest Continue Reading

Puglia’s Liquid Gold

Italy, land of unmistakable beauty and never-ending flavors, travel here – explore. Head south. Reach Puglia. Open your eyes to the centuries-old landscape of the region that occupies the heel of the Italian peninsula. Gaze on the miles of olive groves and white-washed facades, on the tiny winding country roads Continue Reading