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Jigger & Pony’s probably the last place you’d think of when talking about summer camps, but the Best Bar in Asia 2020 and Monkey Shoulder have come together to create what they’ve called Camp Smokey, and it’ll change your mind about camping forever.

The nostalgia hits immediately when you set your eyes on the establishment’s transformation on the second floor, now converted into a glamp-site — we’re talking tents and oars and even a mini (fake) fireplace — to bring you back into the wild outdoors.

Unlike the makeshift drink concoctions you’re used to at camps, however, these unique cocktails — a collaboration between Silvio Daniele, Principal Bartender at Jigger & Pony, and Samuel Ng, Monkey Shoulder’s Regional Brand Ambassador — are deliciously addictive and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

All three cocktails here spotlight the Smokey Monkey, a new peated malt whisky that’s been specially created to add a smoky edge to classic cocktails — like the Old Fashioned, for example. Singapore’s the third country in the world — and Asia’s first — to have the peated whisky available, but unfortunately can only be savoured at select bars islandwide via their special creations.

The Wild Highball

If you can’t decide, the Wild Highball is a good place to start. The refreshing cocktail is all about stepping out into the wild and foraging, so expect coconut and bamboo leaves to find its way into the Monkey Shoulder and Smokey Monkey concoction, before being topped off with soda water. The bamboo leaf’s subtly grassy notes do plenty to bring out the peatiness of the whisky even further.

The Smoked Bananas (left) and Campfire (right)

Campfire, on the other hand, is a cheeky twist on a Rob Roy, and marries Smokey Monkey and sweet vermouth with two types of wood — Palo Santo and Hinoki — to highlight the warmth and depth of the whisky. The former is a wild tree native to South America, and is commonly used at ceremonies and also to clear out negative energy. If you’ve had a particular crappy week at work, this is definitely your cocktail.

The last of the lot is Smoked Bananas, and it’s inspired by Silvio’s camping adventures around Southeast Asia, where bananas are abundant and best enjoyed fresh. The creation features Smokey Monkey, banana puree, chocolate liqueur, and fresh cream, and is topped off with shavings of toasted marshmallow to create a deliciously creamy (but not overly sweet or cloying) cocktail.

Put a Wing On It (Left) and The S’more, The Merrier (right)

If you’re there for dessert, The S’More, The Merrier is a fresh take on a campfire classic, where instead of a sandwiched treat sees all the components — fudgy chocolate brownies, crunchy biscoff cookies and torched melted marshmallow — deconstructed so you can sink your teeth right in without getting your hands dirty.

Those who’re inclined to savouries, however, will enjoy Put a Wing On It, also specially created for the occasion. Here, grilled chicken wings are stuffed with prawn and pork, and then seasoned with lemongrass, palm sugar, and sriracha for a sweet and spicy twist to the bar snack staple.

Like every memorable summer camp, the bold are also rewarded here. Every order of a Camp Smokey cocktail will earn you a limited-edition embroidered patch, so you’ll want to collect all three to prove your worth. You’ll also want to catch Silvio and Samuel in their cheeky camp ranger outfits on Sundays (25 April and 2 May) — trust us on this.

Camp Smokey is at Jigger & Pony, 165 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Amara Hotel, Singapore 088539.

(All images: Monkey Shoulder)

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