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The new Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer keeps the air around you clean and pure, and it gets the job done with style.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that whatever goes into your body matters. That’s not just limited to what we consume — the air around us is not always the cleanest, and what’s worse is that most of the time it’s impossible to tell. Now that borders are opening up again and travelling as well as daily commutes makes its way back into our everyday routine, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to what we breathe in.

The new Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer will calm your worries. With advanced particle filters and UVC technology, the sanitizer is able to destroy airborne microbes and pathogens, while ensuring that the air you breathe in is healthy.

An instrument made essential in the time of COVID-19

Philips GoPure Style 5611 Air Sanitizer
You’d want to have the Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer in the car or bring it with you wherever you go!

If people hadn’t paid attention to air pollution and air quality in general, they definitely have now, especially where urban areas are concerned. Health experts have continuously emphasised the importance of air purifiers and how effective they are in combating COVID-19.

“Air purifiers work like face masks, filtering airborne viruses,” says Mr. Lu, Deputy Chief Engineer at the China Home Electronics Appliances Research Institute. “Air purifiers reduce the density of viruses in the air and reduce transmission rates.”

Having an air sanitizer in the enclosed space of a vehicle proves to be essential now more than ever, and especially so in cases where large families are constantly having to travel, or ride-hailing services that have to come into contact with people day in and day out.

What’s great about the GoPure air sanitizer is that you can use it in any confined space beyond your car. It gets its job done just as well in the home or in the office, and in places like meeting rooms and the bedroom —  you can even take it with you into private rooms at restaurants, since the GoPure is portable.

Philips GoPure Style 5611 Air Sanitizer
The UVC light is contained within the vessel, and is proven to be safe for all.

The Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer is capable of killing harmful microbes that float around or are trapped in the air. Thanks to UVC technology, it can destroy up to 99.9% of bacteria in just the span of 49 seconds. Its built-in​ SaniFilter Plus can also capture almost all the ultra-fine particles that are smaller than allergens, germs and even SARS-coronavirus.

Wihin its compact body is a HESAMax cartridge with bionic white beads and black de-odor beads that are capable of removing bad chemicals, bad smells and exhaust gases from the air at all times — ensuring that the air around you stays clean and fresh.

Safe to use for children and adults alike

With the UVC technology, it also comes a lot of concerns and rightfully so — while UVC light does a superb job at killing microbes in the air, it can oftentimes be harmful to people. But the Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer has that worry under control.

You can be rest assured that the Philips GoPure Style 5611 is perfectly safe for infants, children and adults.

The design of the device has made it so that the UVC light is contained inside the vessel, and lab tests have proven zero leakage. This reassures users the confidence and makes the Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer absolutely safe, even for infants, children and even senior citizens who would be easily exposed.

Stylish and super easy to install

The Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer is also a great option if you’re looking for an uncomplicated device that you don’t have to keep checking every now and then. All you need to do is slide it into a cup holder and connect the power cable to your car’s lighter socket — that’s it. The GoPure Style works automatically, and you can turn it on and off with your ignition. So, you can sit back and keep your eyes on the road, all while being rest assured that the air you’re breathing in is of the highest quality.

Philips GoPure Style 5611 Air Sanitizer
Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer is easy to set up in the car.

Maintaining it is a breeze, too. The filter only needs replacing about once a year, and the LED that creates the UVC light lasts so long that you don’t even need to worry about replacing it.

The GoPure comes in three sleek colours: black, pink and silver.

Philips GoPure Style 5611 car air sanitizer is available for purchase from RM450 to RM495 on Shopee with the shop voucher code PHILASIA.

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