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In addition to its vineyard (famous for rosé), the lavish estate has a private lake, olive groves, a moat and a helicopter. In happier times it would have been the perfect romantic getaway. 

The Château Miraval


Pitt isn’t the only estate-owning Indiana Jones. An affinity for treasure has swept society of late, starting with Earl Spencer – the brother of the late Diana, Princess of Wales. In 2021, the earl spent endless lockdown hours hunting for a ‘lost’ Anglo-Saxon village, named ‘Olla’s Thorp’, beneath the parkland at his family’s Althorp estate. The excavation was filmed on Channel 4 and released as a one-off programme titled, Ancient Secrets of Althorp: Charles Spencer. 

Brad Pitt 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Like Pitt, Spencer’s quest for the village proved fruitless, although the search left the history fanatic and metal detector-owning aristo with a ‘sharp taste for archaeology’. 

The earl was introduced to the tale of the remains by his grandfather, who told him that the community had been annihilated by the Black Death in the mid-14th-century.