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They can’t all be boo-tiful. There are just as many killer celebrity Halloween costumes (literally, in the case of Lil Nas X) as there are stinkers.

We didn’t even bother including all the Squid Game get-ups (don’t say we didn’t warn you) and various other repeats that inevitably show up every year because, boy, there sure are a lot of Wednesday Addams, astronauts, and inflatable characters.

At that point, why even bother with a costume! Might as well pull an R-Patz and just skip Halloween all together.

Like with the Met Gala, nothing personal. But we know these celebs can do better.

Kid Cudi as disco zombie (?)

worst halloween costume looks celebrity 2021 outfit list

Nail game fire, tbh but, like a real zombie, this costume doesn’t have enough meat on its bones.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker as Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious

Barker’s in the world’s most famous punk band, so the Sex Pistols reference makes sense but probably not the best choice for star-crossed lovers since Sid killed Nancy.

Kourtney and Travis’ True Romance looks made much more sense.

Philipp Plein as ????

Plein’s IG caption — “THRILLER” — suggests Michael Jackson inspiration, which is lazy at best — are Plein and partner supposed to be “Thriller” video zombies??? — and tasteless at worst.

A pretty good summary of the Philipp Plein brand, actually.

Fabolous as a skeleton

Coulda been fine with just the facepaint but attempting to flex with Supreme and Amiri to create a luxe skellie look is one boney foot over the line.

Bebe Rexha as Anna Nicole Smith

Pretty tacky, down to the staged photo with elderly actor.

Miranda Kerr as a flight attendant

Basically, an excuse to wear Louis Vuitton and call it a costume.

Mitt Romney as Ted Lasso

Fitting that Romney is costumed as a character who has no idea what he’s doing.

Taylor Swift as a squirrel

Cute but you’d think that Taylor could find a better squirrel outfit — that tail looks like a backpack.

Steve-O as Pube Sasquatch

No explanation needed.

Justin Bieber as a bear

Speaking of lazy, how about a onesie? Bieber could’ve gotten away with it if he hadn’t also insisted on draping his hefty chains over the giant bear suit. Send this one into hibernation.

Bonus: Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Marilyn Manson as evangelical butchers at West’s October 31 Sunday Service

The scariest thing about this Halloween moment may be the rebranding of accused abuser Manson as martyr.

Jake Paul as Dana White


Snoop Dogg as Weed Batman Dogg

Uncle Snoop… lose the gold pot leaf necklace and we can talk.

Kim Kardashian as Pete Davidson’s girlfriend

Love yourself, Kim.

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