Bill Aims to Legally Recognize Evolution to More Independent, Less Partisan Senate

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OTTAWA—The Trudeau government is moving to legally recognize the evolution of Canada’s Senate into a more independent, non−partisan chamber of sober second thought. It has introduced a government bill in the Senate, which is now on its way through the upper house with the support of all four Senate groups. It may be in for a rougher ride in the House of Commons, however, where it is expected to land as early as next week. Bill S-4 would amend the Parliament of Canada Act to formally recognize the transformation that the Senate has undergone since 2015, when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began appointing only non-partisan senators nominated by an arm’s-length advisory body. The act currently acknowledges the existence of only recognized political parties in the Senate—in practice, just the Liberals and Conservatives, with one or the other designated as the government caucus and the other as the official Opposition caucus. …

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