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In 2011 then-Sen. Barack Obama said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He certainly tried. The wreckage called Obamacare that “transformed” one-sixth of the American economy, and not in a good way for responsible American workers who had insurance of their choice in place. Medicaid could have simply been expanded, leaving choices intact. In 2019 candidate Joe Biden claimed a feigned moderate stance and without any conscience whatsoever has sent America to the gates of Hell. Biden makes Obama look like day care.  

If it were not for chaos there would be no Biden Administration. The complicit mainstream-media is a willing participant in the destruction by covering for Biden, his handlers and their inner circle.  

Biden’s immigration policies, or lack of, yielded millions of illegal border crossings with countless getaways and to date 50 apprehensions of terrorists on the known terrorist watch list. That number is only the latest fiscal year that has at least four months to go. That’s more than the past five years combined. The number of dangerous derelicts who slipped through to reside here is anyone’s guess.  Some 1,049,532 illegal entrants have been released into the states per the Center for Immigration Studies. 

Immigration judges are being ousted, like former Judge Matthew O’Brien, and replaced with more immigration “friendly” judges. The administration is simply releasing immigrants waiting for hearings. 

American sovereignty is non-existent. Our southern border is nearly erased. Look directly to Joe Biden and his perilous Homeland Security appointee Alejandro Mayorkas who unashamedly claims the U.S.-Mexico border is secure. Two months ago he declared, “We will not lose operational control of the border.” Pure lies. 

Biden’s policies tell us the real terrorists are concerned parents who demand traditional education for their children versus racial hate and graphic sex details for 5-year olds. Thank the teachers unions, the school boards and the weaponized Department of Justice headed by the weak and bitter Merrick Garland. 

There’s no need to elaborate on the plunging stock market, retirement plans (but for many government workers who have built-in guarantees not to lose funds) and the soaring costs of everything. Biden gives us ballooning inflation. His defenders claim it’s global. China’s inflation is 2.1%, Taiwan has 2.3%, Japan’s is 2.5%, South Korea’s at 5.4%, India’s is 6.95% and England’s at 7%. The U.S. leads at purportedly 8.6%. Yes, all from the guy who first ignored inflation, then said he planned for it, then said it would be “transitory” and now claims a recession is not inevitable. 

A gallon of gas has more than doubled in many places in the country. More and more workers report quitting in their jobs because they cannot afford the fuel to get to work. Moody’s estimates the average family will incur $5,520 annual increase to living costs this year. Bloomberg estimates the number at $5,200.  

Biden ordered and oversaw the deadly and tragic impulsive withdrawal from Afghanistan. Thirteen brave serving military men and women died needlessly. So disgraceful was Biden on video checking his watch as each body was carried off of the plane at Dover Air Force Base. He didn’t even pretend to mask his boredom. Biden is a cold, cold man. Biden has no strategies past the ruination of America, only narrow-minded and ignorant demands of a failing, incompetent man. He armed the Taliban enemy with $87 billion in equipment left behind. But that’s no comparison to the untold number of humans he deserted. 

He claimed that war was too costly, therefore it had to end. His mental faculties have obviously lapsed because he has given the Ukraine $47.7 billion to date with assurances of much more to come. He has put taxpayer money in the abyss while other countries, like Italy, France and the U.K. have donated pittances. The entity International Organization for Migration gave a paltry $514 million. What Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy absolutely needs is long-range missiles. However, Biden doesn’t want to offend Vladimir Putin, so he’s not sending any. It’s the pussyfooting, non-plan of former Secretary of State Robert McNamara and the Vietnam War all over again. Yes, another catering to Putin, whom Biden blames for the sinking American economy. Dangerously, Biden has no plan but just keeps throwing money and military hardware with no end in sight. That’s the way of the left. Biden does not care about the money or the human toll.  

Energy: Green is good and anything else is bad. We can’t keep the lights on now. We’re told to run our dishwashers and clothes washers at specific times and when to plug in our pricey electric cars. Expect higher energy prices to run our homes as well as blackouts because the grids can’t handle the loads. 

The First Family:A big deal was made out of Ashley Biden’s diary being stolen. We now learn it was not stolen; it was found when left behind at a drug and rehab center. According to news outlets like The Western Journal (citing the Daily Mail), Ashley Biden wrote: “showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate)” might have played a role in her sex addiction as an adult, as well as being “hyper-sexualized [at] a young age.” Major news sources, like The New York Times, confirm the handwritten entries are from Ashley Biden’s diary. Considering the well-known, profound and ruinous sex and drug addiction of Hunter Biden, what is going on in the Biden family? 

America is in full-on crisis mode on seemingly every front, including the masses of illegal drugs killing our population. Why won’t President Joe Biden act on halting this? It’s simple. He is not concerned about his own kids. He won’t be concerned about ours.  

Betty Arenson is a Santa Clarita resident. “Right Here, Right Now” appears Saturdays and rotates among local Republicans.

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