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You probably recognise these familiar faces, and now it’s time to get to know them.

Bell & Ross has made headlines for its signature form-meets-function BR 03 model, and later with the launch of the urban BR 05. To celebrate, the brand has announced its “Friends of the Brand” that shares the same values and affinities. Introducing actor Syafiq Kyle, content creator Phei Yong and fashion stylist, Ethan Chu, who are three dedicated professionals and urban heroes who reflect the Bell & Ross values. 

Syafiq Kyle 

Image credit: Bell & Ross

Known as one of the most hard-working actors in the industry, Syafiq has made a name for himself through various films and dramas like Langsuir, Nur and Pusaka, to name a few. For the actor, his secret to his success is to take every role seriously and by giving it his 100 per cent. 

His pick: The BR 03 Diver as his companion to keep his busy schedule in check. 

Phei Yong

Image credit: Bell & Ross

For someone who holds many creative titles as a Youtuber, radio DJ and content creator, it’s no surprise to see Phei Yong on this list. With his fun-loving persona and positive social influence online, he stays focused on the present as he looks forward to the future that is filled with limitless possibilities. 

His pick: The BR 05 Chrono to adapt to the pace of urban life. 

Ethan Chu

Image credit: Bell & Ross

As a fashion icon in Malaysia, Ethan Chu rose to stardom in the industry for his incredibly diverse range of work and unique sense of style filled with vibrant shades and quirky prints. With Ethan, he’s constantly eager to learn new skills as it adds more meaning to his work and lifestyle. 

His pick: The BR 03 to reflect his unique style, because to him the sky is not the limit.

All images credit: Bell & Ross

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