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Just by its name, the ONLYSkin Apothecary Glass Skin Facial is a temptation you’ll want to try.

But it’s not just another beauty procedure with the promise of a luminous complexion like that of a K-pop star. The treatment by home-grown medical aesthetics brand ONLY Aesthetics by ONLY Group also achieves supple skin along with a youthful lift.

Following a simple cleanse to remove grime and excess oil from my stress-ravaged skin, the therapist put SerumAnge, the world’s first hormesis ion roller, into action. Made in Japan, the handheld massaging tool resembles the ubiquitous jade roller. The difference is the twin rollers are wrapped with hormesis silicon, an anti-ageing agent that generates negative ions. Its many benefits include the promotion of blood circulation and acceleration of metabolism. Little wonder that SerumAnge has won rave reviews from Japanese women for its ability to lift and tone skin, while diminishing puffiness and wrinkles, simply by rolling the tool for 10 minutes – think of it as a natural form of Botox.

Next, ONLY Aesthetics’ proprietary H2 Glass Skin Essence and H2 Glass Skin Emulsion worked their magic. The former shrinks and tightens pores as it pumps in hydration and nourishment. The latter then seals all these benefits into the skin via a lightweight, non-sticky formulation with molecular hydrogen antioxidants to fight harmful free radicals. A nano-mist device was used in conjunction to ensure effective product penetration, after which an LED mask was placed over my face to enhance skin rejuvenation and radiance.

The five-step treatment took around an hour, but it felt like time flew by. I woke up wowed by a newfound dewy sheen and a fresh glow that looked fluorescent-lit. The dull-to-dazzling transformation balances uneven skin texture, but bonus points go to the dream-come-true defined silhouette from the treatment’s lifting effect.

This story first appeared in the June 2021 issue of Prestige Singapore

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