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Wish to rove deep into the jungle but uneager to compromise on comfort? You’ll love these luxury resorts operating within Malaysia’s national parks. 

With Taman Negara gazetted as early as 1938, prior to nationhood, Malaysia is home to several national parks and an even greater number of state parks, nature reserves and marine parks intent to halt urban encroachment and preserve the bountiful flora and fauna calling these protected areas home. Where animals seek asylum from the savagery of nature among impenetrable undergrowth and tree hollows, urban dwellers descend on the jungle for spiritual reinvigoration.  

Weary of incessant battles waged in the boardroom by insatiable colleagues? Yearning for peace of the heart and incinerate mental blocks that have clogged your mind? Looking for ways to instil the value of nature in children so they will blossom into guardians of the fragile planet? Find tranquillity in these luxury sanctuaries nestled within Malaysia’s national parks.  

Malaysia is home to some of the world’s oldest and most primitive rainforests and they are in dire need of preservation. A sojourn here can only aid in the cause as these accommodations partake in conservation.

You won’t have to worry about blood-sucking insects, creaking beds, drawing mosquito nets in the evening and finding no coffee machine the immediate morning, because these superior lodgings are curated for the discerning traveller demanding creature comforts even in eco-retreats far, far away from urbanisation. Ready your suitcase and hiking boots. 

5 luxury resorts nestled within Malaysia’s national parks you should visit:

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