Australia’s Second Repatriation Flight From India Lands in Darwin

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The second repatriation flight from India has landed in Darwin on Sunday with 165 Australians, who will quarantine in the Howard Springs facility for 14 days. The Qantas flight left New Delhi at 12:35 am (AEST) at midnight and landed in the city’s RAAF base at around 10:00 am (AEST). It is the second government-facilitated repatriation flight since the controversial ban on Indian arrivals was lifted. No passengers were stopped from boarding after taking a COVID-19 test, which is a stark contrast to the first repatriation flight a week ago when only 80 of the 150 seats were filled due to a large number of positive COVID-19 results. It’s still possible that the passengers may test positive after arriving or during the quarantine, but no one exhibited flu-like symptoms when landing on Sunday, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. More than 40 passengers tested positive for the virus on May 15 …

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