Australia’s First Probe Into the Impacts of Colonisation Appoints CEO

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A truth and justice commission set up to investigate the historical and ongoing effects of colonisation on Aboriginal people in the Australian state of Victoria, and propose steps for reconciliation, has appointed its chief executive officer. Josh Smith, a Dunghutti man with experience in law, justice, and social policy, will lead the strategic operation of the state’s Yoo-rook Justice Commission, which is expected to begin work in July, The Age reported. As the first commission of its kind in Australia, the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission will be modelled after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission led by Nelson Mandela in South Africa after the end of its apartheid. It will be charged with investigating all acts committed against Aboriginal people, both in the past and present, and is expected to begin next month with a final report due three years later. According to The Age, Smith will take up the role on June 21, working alongside commission …

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