Australian Politicians Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day

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Starting as a spiritual discipline with roots dating back thousands of years to a household name during China’s 1990s, “qigong fever,” Falun Gong has become a movement that spread throughout China and around the globe, and May 13 2021, marks 29 years Falun Dafa was first brought to the public in China, and it is celebrated as World Falun Dafa Day around the world. In Australia, the practice has attracted hundreds of followers from diverse ethnic backgrounds since its introduction in 1995  due to its emphasis on improving people’s moral compass and physical well-being and its focus on the virtues of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance. In the week leading up to the practice’s biggest anniversary, more than 15 Australian politicians in different states joined millions of others to commemorate the day. In a two-minute video, Tasmanian Liberal Senator Eric Abetz expressed his appreciation for Falun Gong practitioners who stand up against the persecution …

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