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Last Friday, on March 5, we asked you if could identify the creature that’s so strong it can lift up to 5,000 times its body weight.

The correct answer: An ant.

You Got it Right!: Robert D., Eric S., Dev. D., Theresa S., Gregory K., Jeanne G., Brent M., Delbert F.T., Tonja W., Victoria G., Arthur T., Jose C., Joan H., Mariana C., S.J. Doyle, Kent S., Jessica R., Teresa G.B., Richard W.H., Bill W., Bruce D., Linda B., Roger P., Tejnarine G., Lorenzo H., Frank K., Tracy W., Rick W., Rebecca H., Jesse R., Tracy R., Brenda H., Tod S., Carol E., John S., David S., Robert S., Carol B., Richard M., Anthony T., Raquel O., Jennifer M., Todd A., Kdja H., Heide B., Gerald K., Sandi K., Jodi B., Ben C., Geraldine P., Gary S. and Donald D. Congratulations!!!!

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