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The head honcho of the global company that produces and distributes furniture for luxury brands including Versace wants to change the way we think about furnishing our homes.

by Kenneth SZ Goh  /   August 7, 2022

After a sluggish economy, the global high-end furniture and housewares market is showing signs of recovery. In 2021, the industry was valued at about 45 billion euros — a 18 percent increase from the year before, according to figures from Statista.

In June, the design industry also cheered at the return of the Milan Design Week, an international design fair, which has been held since 1961 —  after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. The trade show and exhibition, which is a marquee event in the design community, saw prominent names in the interior design world gathered to reimagine home and décor trends in a post-pandemic world. 

At the event, Italian fashion house Versace presented its new home collection in collaboration with  architects and designers Roberto Palomba and Ludovica Serafini. Highlights include the streamlined La Medusa sofa series, which is inspired by Medusa, the famed emblem of the Milan-based brand. It also debuted the Stiletto Outdoor outdoor line, as well as expanded its iconic La Greca motif from the runway to its extensive home collection line.

Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Luxury Living Group
Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Luxury Living Group.

In an exclusive interview with The Peak, Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Luxury Living Group, which produces and distributes furniture for international luxury brands including Versace, is optimistic about the continuing resilience of the high-end furniture industry. He says: “The home has continued to be central to all of our lives, and therefore to our investments. There is no doubt that the industry will keep expanding; this business sector will be worth more and the growth curves will be impressive.”

Gentilini shares with us the impact of the pandemic on home décor trends and designing home spaces. 

Versace Home
Versace Home

Versace Home has launched the Stiletto Outdoor collection during Milan Design Week. How different is this collection from its previous outdoor furniture collections?

The  Stiletto Outdoor line encapsulates Versace Home, in terms of aesthetic nonconformity, playful classicism, and contemporary seduction. The brand’s style codes are echoed in details from the Stiletto-heel-inspired feet to the bright, bold colours like lime green, fuchsia, Klein blue and yellow. The iconic Medusa logo in metal adds the final touch.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way people live and work significantly. How has Versace Home been adapting these lifestyle changes into the design of home decor products?

The pandemic led us to rethink the use and the atmospheres of private spaces from the mindset of someone who isn’t just there for a few hours a day, but who truly lives and often works from home.  

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Versace staged a home collection exhibition at Milan Design Week 2022.
Versace staged a home collection exhibition at Milan Design Week 2022.

What are three home decor trends that get you excited? 

In the near future, I imagine the boundary between a home’s interior and exterior will become ever fainter. I think people will increasingly cherish spaces for self-care in the home, where they can pamper themselves in relaxing environments created just for them; and the already strong demand for home office space is certainly destined to grow.  

Having worked from home for a good part of the past two years, what is your favourite part of the house to hang out in, and what do you like best about the design of the space? 

These last couple of years have led us to change how we think about the home. Because we’ve spent more time there and will probably continue to do so, it’s important to make the spaces we live in even more attractive, welcoming and functional. Being able to work from home in a space designed for that purpose has become a must for a great many people, myself included.

What are your plans for Versace Home for this year? 

We’re going to complete our store presence around the world: in America, Europe, and parts of Asia. We will have total coverage of all areas, through the various distribution formats for which the brand is known. As for collections, we launched the outdoor line during Milan Design Week and in the coming months we’ll be adding new, iconic products emblematic of the world of Versace.  

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