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Since launching in 2019, Vitable has been disrupting the traditional way people buy and consume their essential vitamins.

Image: Vitable

Vitable is on a mission to simplify the consumer health experience by creating custom-made daily packs of vitamins and supplements based on your personal and specific diet, lifestyle and health goals.

After completing their five-minute expert online assessment, Vitable’s AI-powered algorithm recommends your unique plan out of 1.2 million possible vitamin combinations, allowing you to take control of your health and saving you the guesswork of knowing what vitamins are best for you as well as ensuring you don’t end up wasting money by taking vitamins you don’t actually need.

The personalised packs are delivered to your door each month in plastic-free, home compostable sachets (made from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees) providing an eco-responsible and simple solution to knowing what and how many vitamins you need to take each day.

Image: Vitable

All of Vitable’s 22 different wellness products – from high-quality supplements to protein and collagen powders are produced alongside health experts — pharmacists, naturopaths and nutritionists — who leverage the latest science to ensure the product’s efficacy and absorbability.

Each supplement is also manufactured and packed in a certified Australian facility which complies with the strict Therapeutic Good Administration and Good Manufacturing Practices standards, and as such, each product is listed with the TGA, holding a unique identifier number that can be found on the ingredient label.

Image: Vitable

As well as being free from GMO and without any added lactose or gluten, each of Vitable’s products undergo multiple rounds of rigorous testing throughout the whole supply chain to ensure their safety and stability. And as each of Vitable’s claims are supported by scientific evidence and made available to the consumer, the company’s transparency will ensure that you know you’re doing the very best for your health.

To help you get started with Vitable here’s a special offer available until the 31st of Dec — use the code SINGLESDAY30 to enjoy 30% off your first month.

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