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‘American Idol’ Top 12 is Revealed During a Night Full of Surprises

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After Luke Bryan revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis this morning, former American Idol judge Paula Abdul filled in for him. Ryan Seacrest announced that contestant Wyatt Pike had to drop out of the competition. This was truly a night full of surprises and it was only just the beginning.

Who Made It Into The Top 12 And Who Had To Sing For The Judges Save?

First, Ryan said that he would be announcing each of the contestant’s fates individually. They then got to perform their solos immediately after. The bottom five contestants vied for two of the judge’s saves. Keep reading to find out which contestants have made it to the Top 12.

Casey Bishop

Casey Bishop was voted into the Top 12 by America. She performed “House Of The Rising Sun” by The Animals. She rocked the stage and truly seemed like she has been performing forever.


Colin Jamieson

Colin Jamieson did not make it into the Top 12 based on America’s votes. He had to sing for the judge’s save. He performed “Waves” by Dean Lewis. Lionel Richie said that Colin did exactly what he was supposed to do which is ignore what people say about him. Paula Abdul admires Colin’s passion.

DeShawn Goncalves

Deshawn Goncalves was voted into the Top 12 by America. He performed “Higher Ground” by Stevie Wonder. He really challenged himself with this up-tempo song and showed more personality.

Cassandra Coleman

Cassandra Coleman made it into the Top 12 based on America’s votes. She sang “Light On” by Maggie Rogers. She took the judge’s advice and worked the stage during this performance and it paid off.

Caleb Kennedy

Caleb Kennedy made it through to the Top 12 based on America’s votes. He performed his original song “Nowhere” that he finally finished writing after his audition. The judges didn’t even recognize him without his signature baseball cap covering his eyes.

Madison Watkins

Madison Watkins will be singing for her life. She sang “Hotline Bling” by Drake. Katy noted that Madison has been a mama bear to her fellow contestants. Paula thinks Madison is “extraordinary.”

Ava August

Ava August has made it into the Top 12 based on America’s votes. She chose to sing “Love Of My Life” by Queen. Katy loves that Ava is an old soul and is the epitome of “elegance, beauty and grace.”



Beane was not voted through to the Top 12 by America. He sang for his life with “Grow As We Go” by Ben Platt. Lionel said the performance was “stellar.” Katy complimented the control that Beane had on the song.

Chayce Beckham

Chayce Beckham was voted through to the Top 12 by America. He performed Kolton Moore & the Clever Few’s “What Brings Life Also Kills.” He seemed way more confident and in the zone tonight. The judges still think he is the coolest contestant ever.

Alyssa Wray

Alyssa Wray was voted into the Top 12. She sang “Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston. Paula advised her to pick songs that allow her to shine in the future of the competition.

Alanis Sophia

Alanis Sophia did not earn enough votes and landed in the judges save. She sang “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. Lionel commended her for receiving this news and then immediately putting all of her energy into her performance.

Willie Spence

Willie was voted into the Top 12 by America. He once again sang “Diamonds” by Rihanna. This time he moved around the stage and had everyone up on their feet.

Grace Kinstler

Grace Kinstler was voted through to the Top 12 by America. She performed “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. Lionel applauded the awesome attitude she has with every performance.

Hunter Metts

Hunter was the last contestant who was voted straight through to the Top 12. He sang “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. Paula was enamored by this performance.

Graham DeFranco

Graham DeFranco was the last contestant in jeopardy. He performed “Cover Me Up” by Jason Isbell. Paula said his voice is like dripping butter. Katy thinks Graham landed in the bottom just by a couple of votes.

Who Did The ‘American Idol’ Judges Choose To Save?

It was time for the judges to choose which two bottom contestants would be advancing on to the Top 12. It certainly was not an easy decision. They ultimately decided that Madison and Beane will be moving on to the Top 12.


Tune in next week to see the shocking twist when Season 18 contestants return to compete for a second chance at winning American Idol.


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