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When it comes to personal growth and achieving life goals on the road to success, it’s essential to receive the proper knowledge and help. Tech online media company ALUX was established to provide that particular service. Their YouTube channel offers a comprehensive guide to the world of luxury while also connecting all its clients to like-minded individuals. The company becomes both coach and mentor in this process, providing all the necessary educational materials and a range of courses in their quest to ensure the best of personal growth. 

For their commitment to delivering success and growth to their clients, ALUX has been recognized by the panel of experts at Luxury Lifestyle Awards for their unique offering with a prestigious award of Best Luxury Online Media in the US.

ALUX was founded by Emil Anton in 2013 when he strived to make luxury living available to as many people as possible worldwide. Emil came up with the concept because he believed there weren’t enough affordable resources offering financial and lifestyle advice to the people searching for it. Instead, the selection of available seminars and literature was expensive and difficult to acquire. With the establishment of ALUX, these high-end educational financial and lifestyle materials became much more readily available to the general population and, importantly, at an affordable price.

The company’s audience is based mainly in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and some developing Asian countries. Their excellent online courses are primarily created in English. These courses are designed to achieve a truly global reach with their growth. There is an impressive array of educational courses on offer for ALUX’s clients, the two most popular being Mind Mastery and Goal Mastery. Each of these courses provides in-depth insight into developing personal strategies through goal setting in the quest for personal growth. They also offer meditation tools exclusively for their high-achieving entrepreneurial client base.

Since its inception, ALUX has become a prominent place where future billionaires go for inspiration and ways to become even more driven in their journey towards success. It is also the ideal place to connect with like-minded business people. The company has seen how its courses have changed the lives of its clients. They live by the principles of honesty, discipline, excellence, and innovation in their mission to achieve the most positive of impact and development for all their clients. 

As a result, ALUX has the highest confidence in their courses and guarantees a full refund to any client who doesn’t notice any changes within themselves. The company is dedicated to offering a unique service at a reasonable price leading to significantly easier accessibility.

Upon receiving their Luxury Lifestyle Awards victory, founder Emil Anton said, “We are so delighted to have been chosen for this respected award. We have closely adhered to our company values, and it is incredibly gratifying to see that our commitment to hard work and always providing premium services is paying off.”

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