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Firstly I have some news for readers flying Air France from Heathrow either to Paris itself or beyond.

Later this month Air France will retire some of its older Airbus aircraft from the London-Paris run and instead deploy its latest 148-seat A220-300 jets.

If you were to check these aircraft are already listed in the schedules effective March 26 (AF1381 excepted on March 26 as it arrived on March 25).

From what I have read almost everyone who has flown the A220 speaks highly of this Airbus product.

Air France ordered 60 of the aircraft in 2019, and took delivery of the first in 2021.

Air France takes delivery of its first A220-300

What may surprise you is that it is manufactured by Airbus Canada rather than the main Airbus plant in Toulouse. The A220 was designed by Bombardier which is now majority owned by Airbus.

What sets the A220 apart is its spacious cabin,  two-three seating and a business class where the adjacent seat remains unsold.

That’s the good news. But readers will be concerned to learn that Air France along with KLM will be moving from Heathrow T3 back to T4 in the near future.

In itself this would not be so significant. But Virgin Atlantic is now a member of Skyteam (along with the above carriers) and this terminal change will impact on connectivity.

Virgin Atlantic confirms it is remaining at T3.

This will especially concern those who have already booked connections between Air France/KLM and Virgin Atlantic or vice versa as this terminal change has been announced at short notice.

Officially the Heathrow minimum connecting time (MCT) for this terminal change is 90 minutes. But travellers are advised to allow longer and particularly when connecting to Virgin Atlantic, as these are long-haul flights and most involve security checks.

Business Traveller is contacting Air France to see what MCT it recommends.

It’s also not clear what lounge facilities eligible Air France and KLM passengers will be offered at T4 – the Skyteam lounge at the terminal closed permanently in 2021.

Skyteam’s Heathrow T4 lounge will not reopen