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‘AGT’ Winner Kodi Lee Performs National Anthem at Knicks Game

Samantha Agate 28 minutes ago

Kodi-Lee-AGT-Gabrielle-UnionNoel Vasquez/Getty Images

Season 14 ‘AGT’ winner Kodi Lee is a major music superstar, this time getting the chance to perform the National Anthem at a recent New York Knicks game. Lee, who is blind and autistic, appeared virtually and was full of excitement leading up to the big event.

Kodi Lee Performs Virtually at Knicks Game

Lee posted on Instagram to remind his fans the day before the big game to tune in to his performance. The anticipation was building and he totally knocked it out of the park.

“Heck yeah!! Thank you for having me sing the National Anthem before the game!!” he wrote after the performance.


Lee went viral in 2012 after posting a video singing the National Anthem at an Elsinore High School pep rally. It marked the first time that Lee sang the song since he was 9 years old. Just as you would expect, his talent was nothing short of incredible even back then.

Ever since this video went viral, fans of the singer have had one major request. They want to see him perform at the biggest sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl.

“Like if Kodi should sing the national anthem at next Super Bowl,” one fan wrote in a YouTube comment. The comment now has nearly 2,000 likes with fans eager to see this happen.

“Can we get him to sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl?” another fan requested.

“So Kodi is doing the next Super Bowl? Hope so,” a third comment said.

While the 24-year-old hasn’t been named as a Super Bowl performer just yet, he has been uploading a ton of fun content to his YouTube channel throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee has had an Amazing Musical Journey After Becoming a Talent Show Star

Lee first enamored audiences when he auditioned with “A Song For You” on ‘AGT’ in 2019. He was ecstatic when he earned the Golden Buzzer from judge Gabrielle Union. He dominated the competition with his charisma and perfect vocals and even got to sing a duet with Leona Lewis.

All of this led up to Lee winning the show along with a $1 million prize and a headlining show in Las Vegas. He was signed to a joint record deal with Simon Cowell’s former label Syco and Columbia after the show.

Lee and his family were particularly shocked by Union’s claims of a “toxic work environment” on the set of ‘AGT’ and lawsuit involving Cowell. He struck up a great relationship with Cowell once he joined the show and they were in contact often.

“Simon called Kodi all the time to make sure he was doing good. He always called to make sure if we needed anything, if Kodi needed anything,” Lee’s mom Tina revealed. “Simon always called to make sure Kodi was okay, he called all the time.”

Despite the lawsuit that ensued from Union’s only season as an ‘AGT’ judge, she definitely knew how to pick a fantastic Golden Buzzer. Lee has been one of the most inspirational contestants that ‘AGT’ has ever seen.


Where would you like to see this ‘AGT’ singing sensation perform next?


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Samantha Agate

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