Adidas presents the Stan Smith prototype made with vegetable leather

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Adidas has announced that it has developed the prototype of the iconic Stan Smith sneakers that will be made with vegetable leather obtained from mushrooms.

From luxury to sportswear, the eco-leather obtained from the mycelium, the vegetative apparatus of the fungus consisting of a network of fast-growing filaments, will allow Adidas to position itself, with the new Stan Smith Mylo, in the eco-sustainable world.

excellence magazine adidas Stan Smit Mylo

The new Adidas Stan Smith Mylo should be launched in about a year.

The supplier of the mycelium is Bolt Threads, a Californian start-up engaged in the development of natural materials for textiles-fashion.

excellence magazine adidas stan smith mylo

This Adidas project is another step towards offering increasingly sustainable products. The idea of the Trefoil brand is to use this vegetable leather for other products as well.

Furthermore, the Stan Smiths are already greener than in the past, because as of this year they contain 50% recycled plastic.

Emanuela Zini

Emanuela Zini

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