About 950,000 HDB households to receive GST voucher rebate for utilities bills in April

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Sun shining over blocks of flats in Singapore. (File photo: Gaya Chandramohan)

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SINGAPORE: About 950,000 Singaporean households living in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats will receive their quarterly GST Voucher U-Save rebate this month, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced on Thursday (Apr 1). 

The households will receive an additional 50 per cent of their regular U-Save in the 2021 financial year, which will be credited in April and July, said the ministry in a press release. 

In total, the regular U-Save and U-Save special payment will amount to S$460 million in rebates this financial year to support families with their household expenses. 

The U-Save special payment is part of the S$900 million Household Support Package to provide additional support to families with their expenses. The package was announced during Budget 2021 in February. Lower- to middle-income families will receive more support. 

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Typically, households in one- and two-room HDB flats receive U-Save rebates amounting to an average of about three to four months of their utility bills. 

Together with the U-Save special payment, these households will receive rebates equivalent to about four and a half months to six months of their utility bills this year, said MOF. 

Households living in three- and four-room flats normally receive U-Save rebates amounting to an average of about one to two months of their utility bills. They will receive support equivalent to about one-and-a-half to three months of their utility bills this year. 

Budget 2021 GST Voucher U Save

Households whose members own more than one property are not eligible for the U-Save rebate. 

Eligible households will receive their regular GST Voucher U-Save rebates over four quarters – April, July, October 2021 and January 2022. 

On top of the regular U-Save rebate, eligible households will receive their special payments over two quarters in April and July. 

The regular U-Save rebates in April, July and October include an additional S$5 per quarter from January 2019 to December 2021. This was announced in the 2018 Budget to mitigate the introduction of carbon tax, said MOF. From January 2022, the regular U-Save rebate received by households will no longer include the additional S$5. 

The GST Voucher scheme was introduced by the Government in 2012 to help lower- and middle-income Singaporeans to offset some of their GST expenses. 

It comprises of three components – cash, MediSave and U-Save. 

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