A Quick Chat With Deva Cassel, The Face Of Dolce Rose

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The 16-year-old daughter of Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci is seen walking the streets of Bellagio in Dolce&Gabbana Beauty’s latest campaign.

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For the launch of Dolce Rose, the first Eau de Toilette in the Dolce
collection, Dolce&Gabbana picked Deva Cassel to be the face of the campaign.
The stunning 16-year-old, who is the daughter equally striking actors Vincent
Cassel and Monica Bellucci, is seen walling the flower-lined streets of
Bellagio. The Italian village is known for its cobbled lanes and beautiful
architecture as seen especially in such structures as the San Giacomo Church.

According to the Italian luxury fashion house, their new fragrance represents
a new facet of the Dolce girl: Bold, upbeat, spontaneous, sociable, and able to
speak her mind freely. This exuberant energy is expressed in a mixture of
fruity notes in Dolce Rose, including green apple, mandarin, redcurrant, and
white peach.

The 16-year-old is seen walking along the flower-lined streets of Bellagio.

As the embodiment of this vivacious spirit, Cassel is full of vibrancy
and playful energy. To go along with the campaign, Cassel created a TikTok
challenge, choreographing a Dolce Rose dance on the Dolce&Gabbana TikTok
account. The brand invites Dolce girls all around the world to join the move
ment and recreate Deva’s choreography, expressing their own #RoseAttitude.

Describing the scent as “sweet and fresh,” Cassel says that it reminds her of spring. “I definitely see myself as an optimistic and an energetic person,” Cassel adds about the similarities with a Dolce Girl, who she also describes as “dynamic, curious, and positive.”

You’ve worked with
Dolce&Gabbana before as the face of Dolce Shine. Where were you when you
first found out you were going to be an ambassador for the brand and what was
your reaction?

I was in Milan. I had
met Domenico and Stefano not that long ago and when I found out that they had
chosen me to be the ambassador of the brand, I was so surprised and full of

How has your
relationship with Dolce&Gabbana evolved since you started working together

The more I work with
them , the more I realize that the relations hips they establish with the
people they work with are not just business but more like being part of a
family .

Can you tell us
what it was like shooting the campaign for the fragrance?

I loved it because it
was a perfect mix of fun and professionalism at the same time. I would say my
most memorable moment was at the end, when I realized all the work we did and
saw the beautiful results.

For the launch of
the fragrance, you created a TikTok challenge and choreographed a Dolce Rose
dance routine. What was it like shooting that and did you get a lot of TikTok
practice during lockdown?

It was a real experience
because I ’d used TikTok before but I ’d never posted anything!

What are your
childhood scent memories?

I would say the
cologne my dad used to put on, and my mom’s pasta.

The link between
scent and memory is so strong. What kind of memories does Dolce Rose bring to
mind for you?

It reminds me of the
smell of some of my dolls I used to have.

You always look so
fresh—faced and radiant! What’s your secret?

I make sure I stay
hydrated. I also do CrossFit and surf and I absolutely love it! It’s fun and it
keeps me in shape.

What would your
dream project be ?

To finish my studies

How did you feel
when you discovered your first magazine cover?

I was with my friends.
We went to a kiosk and saw the cover, and I remember feeling really overwhelmed
and happy!

What is the best
advice that someone gave you?

Keep your head on your
shoulders , as my parents always tell me.

What three things
are currently on your wishlist?

Travel more, work more
and things going back to normal. I study, so it’s difficult to find time to
work as much as I would like to in the fashion industry.

The new scent features fruity notes such as green apple, mandarin, redcurrant, and white peaches.

Which city would
you love to visit?

Tokyo. To me, Tokyo
represents mystery and I am fascinated by its culture! I would also love to
visit Kyoto.

What does a perfect
day off look like for you these days?

Spending a day with my
loved ones.

Dolce Rose Eau De Toilette is available in 30ML
(P3,450), 50ML (P4,750), and 75ML (P5,900).

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