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Whenever there’s a discovery, whether a new organism, creature, or just about anything fascinating, scientists and experts announce the fact for the world to know. However, Internet users were puzzled to have stumbled upon what seemed to be an unidentified landmass that seemed like a black hole.

The image of the mysterious island found via Google Maps and shared on Reddit left users wondering about the place’s exact location. It didn’t help that some suggested that it was purposely censored, fueling the onslaught of the barrage of conspiracy theories. Let’s try to unpack this mind-boggling problem:

Traveling Is Free Through Google Maps

Before we delve deeper into this mystery, let’s understand how and why people have become so invested in Google Maps. Travel has become nothing short of a luxury these days, and through the application, users can see the world without actually shelling out anything for flights and accommodation.

There have been many places that have spawned speculation because of Google Maps. According to the Times of India, some of the most magnificent areas that can be seen through the app are Mezhgorye in Russia, Svalbard Global Seed Vault in the North Sea, and Lascaux Caves near France.