9 reasons to visit Monaco in 2021

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A coast with the most

Monaco makes the most of its coastline, which dazzles with sandy palm-lined bays beside protected pockets of ocean.The principality’s presence along the Med is about to get even more impressive, thanks to a two-billion-euro project to extend the country’s natural contour by a further six hectares. Portier Cove, as it’s known, is set to welcome 1,000 residents in flashy villas and apartments come 2025; travellers, meanwhile, will be able to make the most of landscaped parkland, a seafront promenade and marina. Because this is Monaco, and the environment is top priority, extra steps have been taken to ensure the health of the floral and faunal species potentially impacted by development.

Communities of the future

Monaco has always been a leader in green transportation – travellers can currently zip around in an extensive fleet of Mobee electric cars and shared ebikes, while the testing of self-driving electric shuttles is also underway. But the principality is thinking even bigger for the future, creating a ‘smart city’ that takes environmentally sensitive urban planning seriously. Among the initiatives to ensure a smooth visitor experience is the expansion of connected bus shelters. Waiting for your ride? You can utilise Wi-Fi hotspots or play around on multimedia screens that offer real-time updates, tourist news and practical information. There’s also an app so you can get from A to B easily, and using all available modes of transport.

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