9 of the most expensive Scotch whiskies you can buy right now for any occasion

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You may be thinking about Father’s Day, but with these 9 of the most expensive whiskies from Scotland you can buy right now, you may want to get it for other occasions too.

There are whiskies and there are whiskies – or whiskeys for the matter but that isn’t the point I’m attempting to make today. Today is about quality whiskies that are absolutely blasphemous if you mix it with anything other than a drop of spring water to open up the perfumed notes. As Cristiano Ronaldo famously cried at a press conference, “Agua!” So that rules out Coca-Cola and the likes but to have it neat or over rocks.  

With Father’s Day coming up, you can show your appreciation to him by showering him with these amber liquids taken decades to mature, much like how he nurtured you from a baby to an adult. These whiskies are among the most expensive on the market at the moment of writing in Malaysia. By that extension, they are also scarcely found, highly limited in availability. This is reflected in how they are retailed. You won’t encounter all of them at the supermarket. Some of which are so exclusive that their retail prices aren’t advertised. After all, as the adage goes, if you feel the need to ask, you can’t quite possibly afford it. To express your interest in procuring, you just have to ring up the brand representative. 

Anyway, enough babbling and let’s get down to the most expensive Scotch whiskies you can buy. Dare I say, they may look quite impressive on the cabinet once hosting friends at home becomes legally permissible again.  

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