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Whether it’s because of PM 2.5, blue screens, or just re-watching Bridgerton, it’s time to treat your under eye area with a little TLC this weekend.

Under eye masks have been a favourite in our skincare fridge since we discovered them, in large part because of their ease of wear and the fast results they yield. Models have long been known to put them on before getting on the runway, and beauty gurus swear by them before applying makeup. Under eye masks: can you even say you love your eyes if you don’t wear them?

Whether you prefer the classic sheet patches or the gel patches, here, we’ve put together some of our favourite under eye masks of the moment. Treat that super sensitive eye area with some hydration (or gold flakes), and fake a perfect 8 hours of sleep.

[Featured Image Credit: KNC Beauty via Facebook; Hero Image Credit: 111SKIN via Facebook]

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