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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging living spaces to ensure maximum harmony, love, abundance and balance. While the word ‘feng’ means wind in Chinese, ‘shui’ means water. The philosophy of Feng Shui entails the free flow of energy (chi) in your home or space. Over the years, it has been adapted according to modern needs and culture. So whether it is your bedroom or kitchen, you should implement Feng Shui to manifest positivity in your life.

Since the introduction of contemporary Feng Shui in the 1970s, it has helped people bring balance, harmony and positivity to their households using key Feng Shui principles, such as the use of the Bagua Map and balancing the flow of chi.

Redesign your bedroom using these Feng Shui tips for a better living

According to Feng Shui experts, the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. It is where you spend the maximum time, especially when sleeping or relaxing. As it is your personal space, the energies prevalent in your room are bound to affect you significantly. Take a look at some of the effective and easy tips you can incorporate right away.

Choose the right colours

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Choosing certain colours, as per Feng Shui, optimises peace and sensuality in the bedroom. Soothing or pastel shades, including off-whites, creams, browns and peach tones, is advised.

However, use peach or pink shades only as an accent tone for small objects like pillows or throws. Overusing this colour can attract more than one romantic partner.

Additionally, if you wish to enhance passion in your bedroom, you can add some red. Use blues and greens to improve vitality, harmony and rejuvenation.

While colouring the walls, one of the most common tips is to avoid stark white paint. It represents metal elements of Feng Shui. While it helps in stimulating the mind, an excess of crisp white can disrupt peaceful sleep.

Also, make sure to have mild colours and minimum patterns in your wallpapers and accent walls.

Bed placement and headboard

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Regarding Feng Shui for the bedroom layout, the first thing you should focus on is the bed. Placing your bed in the ‘commanding position’ is considered to be a good Feng Shui practice. For this, position your bed in such a way that you can easily see the bedroom door, especially when you are lying down.

It not only boosts harmony and relaxation in the area but also ensures that you do not get up suddenly from a peaceful slumber.

Another bedroom Feng Shui tip is adding a strong and solid headboard to your bed, and you get space on the left, right and feet sides too. This brings stability to life. It also feels really comfortable to read your favourite book or browse social media as you sit up on the bed.

When buying a headboard, choose the one with soft edges, eliciting an inviting vibe. It is suggested to opt for fabric or upholstered ones matching your bed sheets or comforters to create symmetry. Avoid headboards made of cast iron or bars, as their dense energies can intrude  your peace and well-being.

According to Feng Shui experts, if you have a platform bed, make sure the edges are round so that you do not hurt your shins.

Evoke the five senses with the Bagua Map

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The Bagua Map is used to study the energies of a room or environment. The energy map helps balance the elements in your space and life. Interestingly, some remedies are in alignment with your five senses — smell, touch, sight, sound and taste.

For instance, for relaxation or unwinding after a long day, you can use lavender or jasmine essential oils in your diffuser. In case you are recovering from seasonal cough or flu, include eucalyptus or ravintsara oils. Or, pour cinnamon or ylang-ylang oil on a candle if you wish to boost sensual energy in your love life.

Choose cosy, inviting fabrics like satin, velvet or cotton for all pillows, cushions, sheets, comforters and curtains in the room. To make the room look pleasing, always opt for muted or earth tones. Keep your reds, pinks and oranges in moderation and pairs.

You can play white noise from YouTube or invest in a sound machine for a good night’s sleep.

As per Feng Shui consultants, it is imperative to avoid bringing or eating food in the bedroom. However, you can keep a jug of water on the bedside table or anywhere in the room.

Declutter your bedroom often

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The first place to remove clutter is from under your bed. Avoid keeping unwanted things in this area as it reduces sleep quality and affects health.

Ensuring no storage under the bed helps the chi or life force energy to flow freely and refreshen you even while resting or sleeping. However, the bare minimum to store can be linens, blankets and pillows. You can even stack some books under the bed as long as their titles and content are positive and uplifting.

Other things to avoid include electronics, paintings above the bed, nightstands or lamp shades with sharp corners, large furniture pieces, pictures or paintings of water on bedroom walls and excessive plants.

The importance of two

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For better Feng Shui, keep all bedroom accessories in pairs. This implies keeping two pillows, two seats and two similar lamps, among other things.

It is said to invite more loving, balanced and positive energy. This tip helps you irrespective of your marital status.

Avoid mirrors in front of the bed

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According to Feng Shui experts, you should never keep mirrors in your bedroom, as they can impact your sleep and marriage. While mirrors attract chi, they also push the energy in the opposite direction.

But if it is unavoidable, ensure your mirror faces something you love looking at or is reflecting a window. When a mirror is positioned opposite a window, it reflects more natural light.

Also, don’t place the mirror in a way that shows your bed, as ideally, you should avoid seeing its reflection. It is to be noted that placing the mirror opposite the bedroom door can increase bad Feng Shui.

Bring in nature

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One of the best Feng Shui tips is to keep fresh flowers in your room. Choose blooms that you find alluring. However, don’t forget to replace the water and old flowers.

Add living, green plants, like pothos, to your space to enhance the positive chi. They also improve growth and spread healing energies that get reflected in all areas of your life. However, remember to make the lighting, heat and humidity conducive for your plants to thrive.

Cleanse your bedroom

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You must also clean your bedroom regularly. Apart from vacuuming or mopping, smudging the space with bay leaves or palo santo is a good practice. You can even use sweet orange oil in your diffuser to promote good Feng Shui.

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