8 casual men’s shorts to wear for brunch with the boys

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Flaunt those calf muscles.

Summer has officially arrived in Bangkok city and whilst the heat and the sweat isn’t very Gucci, we’re definitely loving the chance to switch up our wardrobe for the season.

This 2021, we’re loving shorts for casual or even smart casual events. Whilst we still prefer long trousers for evenings, it’s undeniable that men’s shorts are the it-item for the daytime.

Why? It’s all about pairing, really. Add some loafers or a crisp shirt and you will look less “just got back from BASE” and more “let’s get the Bouillabaisse.” Versatility is the name of the game, and you can wear them with sneakers or with t-shirts, you can let the top do the talking or the bottom do the flaunting. Almost anything goes, really, so here we’ve put together a fool-proof selection of our favourites.

Some of these are swim shorts, too, for those who are lunching by the beach. We’re jealous.

[Featured Image Credit: JBB* via Facebook; Hero Image Credit: Frescobol Carioca via Facebook]

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