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Independent watchmakers are nothing new to the industry, but knowing them will keep your collection diverse.

But what are independent watchmakers? There isn’t one key definition but if it doesn’t belong to one of the big three groups (LVMH, The Swatch Group, and The Richemont Group), chances are it’s an indie brand. Other qualities that define indie watchmakers include producing their own movements as well as their own timepieces.

Unlike many big names, indie brands don’t produce watches at as quick of a rate. While indie watchmakers aren’t as well known in the market, it offers a different perspective by being unique.

It also means that you won’t be paying a small fortune for it. The heavyweights of haute horlogerie pride themselves on their experience, engineering, and ingenuity when it comes to creating pieces of art. With indie brands, you’re allowed to be part of a limited collection without having to drain your bank balance. This makes for a great addition to one’s collection.

Featured Image: Jean Daniel Nicolas; Hero Image: Roger W. Smith

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