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Richardson prioritizes collaborations nearly as much as its own seasonal fare. In the past year alone, its dozen or so joint efforts have ranged from heavy-hitters like Supreme to Japanese peers to niche artists that influenced founder Andrew Richardson’s long-running eponymous magazine. Its latest partnership is indicative of Richardson’s sex-positive output, bringing legendary French cabaret Le Crazy Horse de Paris on board for a collection that commemorates the burlesque institution’s 70th anniversary.

Founded in 1951 (and examined in no less than four documentaries), Crazy Horse has changed management a few times and even expanded to Las Vegas by way of the MGM Grand, but it retains the values set out by its familial founders: diverse variety shows, grounded by plenty of nude female dancers. Magicians and jugglers perform sets in between a crew of in-house staff, occasionally accompanied by a famous guest performer in the vein of Dita Von Teese. Celebrity guests and fans range from Beyoncé and the Rolling Stones, to Dr. Dre and Katy Perry, demonstrating the cabaret’s semi-classy, upscale appeal.

For its collaboration with Crazy Horse, Richardson has repurposed some of the club’s retro branding into graphic T-shirts, shorts, and hoodies, complete with co-branding and 70th-anniversary call-outs. Shot in Tokyo at the TikTok team Lab Reconnect exhibit and BLOODY ANGLE Record Cafe & Bar, the lookbook also spotlights some of the more out-there items, including one-piece swimsuits, a fuzzy towel, and travel pouch, replete with stenciled branding, unmistakable logos, and flashy stars.

The Crazy Horse items are all available on Richardson’s website and its store.

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