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As the pandemic hit us back in 2020, the world rediscovered road trips and driveable distances as a means to vacation safely. And if you’re one of those who love impromptu trips in your car, check out these road trips from Chandigarh.

Winters, warm sun, and the roadside chai — if this sounds enticing to you, then the road trip bug has bitten you! Last year, as the world went into lockdown, travel ceased. And with international borders and flights shut, many turned to their cars for impromptu (or well-planned) road trips.

If you’re one of those, you know how empowering and rejuvenating road trips can be. They help you take a pause, relax and introspect — things that can be difficult to do with a normal, everyday routine. So, if you’re in or around Chandigarh, take these road trips to make your upcoming weekends (or weeks) full of adventure!

Best road trips from Chandigarh

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