7 best places to run in the Kuala Lumpur district

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If you could only run in the KL district, which places would you head to?

You either love or hate running, but we can all agree that it’s the safest contactless form of exercise anyone can get during the pandemic. You can do it alone and run at your own pace, plus get in a spot of nature after being cooped up indoors all day long. What’s not to like about it?

But while it’s great to head outdoors for a run, constantly going to your usual spots may also feel monotonous after a while. After all, running is an endurance sport — you’re going to need some different views and terrains to distract you while you’re trying to rack up your 10km.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to run in the KL district. Not only will you be adhering to the MCO rules, but you’ll also get a varied list of terrain to run in. There are parks, dedicated jogging tracks, and even some forest trails to really get your heart pumped up. Find the full list below. A fair warning: always be aware of your surroundings when running alone, run in broad daylight, and always tell someone reliable if you’re planning on running alone so you’re always accounted for.

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