6 oat milk brands to buy in Bangkok

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The rise of oat milk to the local food industry is a noteworthy one. It is a dairy-free alternative that is better for the environment, so why not embrace it in our own homes?

Our lifestyle will leave a lasting impact on the environment, but we can make small changes as individuals to try and improve the way we’re living. Opting for plant-based milk is one of the ways.

Although other plant-based alternatives like almond milk or even coconut milk are available, arguably, oat milk is a better option. Almond milk or other nut milk will always run the risk for those with nut allergies. Usually made with just oats, water, and salt, oat milk has a simple ingredient list. This makes it an easy option for those with strict dietary restrictions.

With places like Starbucks adding oat milk to one of its dairy alternatives, and even 7-Eleven bringing it to its shelves, here we’ve listed some other oat milk brands you should know about in Bangkok.

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