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Do you have a favourite tricoloured shoe?

From a brand steeped in heritage and evolution, the iconic tricoloured shoe has transcend through the years as an enduring emblem to Onitsuka Tiger‘s narrative. In fact, the iconic Tricolor Series is an instant icebreaker to Onitsuka Tiger’s storied heritage. The blue and red stripes against the sneaker’s white upper have been a signature trademark donning some of the most coveted shoes styles under the brand for decades. Today, it has become a key component that continues to inspire new designs.

While most models are unisex, the Tricolor Series charms with a classic yet timeless vibe, and stylish yet minimalistic aesthetics at the same time. It is a must-have in any wardrobe, and pairs easily with almost everything in the fashion textbooks thanks to its versatility.

From the legendary MEXICO 66 and its many iterations, to the DELEGATION CHUNK and the latest GIGATIA, we take a look at six of our favourite shoes from Onitsuka Tiger’s Tricolor Series. 

Combining features of the original LIMBER-UP training shoe first debuted in 1961 and the LIMBER shoe in 1966, the MEXICO 66 becomes an iconic model as one of the first to feature the iconic Onitsuka Tiger Stripes. Decades and counting, the MEXICO 66 continues to be a popular choice thanks to its sleek, timeless aesthetics.  

The MEXICO MID RUNNER is a unique high-cut shoe that brings with it a sexy retro charm thanks to its textural leather finish that’s combined with the emblematic tricoloured stripes. Available for both men and women, this is an absolute keeper that pairs best with skinny jeans. 

If you’re looking for a pair that gives some extra ‘height’ (if you know what we mean), the DELEGATION CHUNK does the job and more. The low-cut model combines a classic design upper of the MEXICO DELEGATION with the contemporary sole from the CHUNKY RUNNER. The feel carries a shock-absorbing material called fuzeGEL. It is also extremely comfortable thanks to excellent cushioning properties.

Focusing iconic design elements from its Heritage Trail models, the TIGER HORIZONIA shoe is your answer to a sneaker with modernity and comfort. A shoe that you can wear all day, the shoe combines several materials for extra appeal — perfect for street-style seekers. 

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The SERRANO is inspired by the classic track and field spike shoes of the 1970s. Bearing a retro vibe, the lightweight design features a special outsole which curves upwards towards the front, and wraps subtly around the sides of the shoe — creating a distinctive look and especially suitable for those with narrower feet. 

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One of the latest and most non-confirming models in the Onitsuka Tiger repertoire is the GIGATIA — created in the spirit of unexpected pairings. It accentuates the signature rugged sole, building a whole new vocabulary for a dynamic look. It is an amalgamation of Onitsuka Tiger archival archetypes, juxtaposing a sculptural sole with an upper made up of several heritage styles. The lustrous Onitsuka Tiger Stripes embrace the shoe for an unmistakably cool style.

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