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Are you ready to finally get good at money management in 2021?

Here’s a hard and fast truth: none of us were born with money management skills — it’s something that you have to learn in life, just like doing your taxes. Unless it’s been ingrained in you from a young age to be careful with your money, you most likely don’t quite know how to budget your finances.

Luckily though, it’s not a difficult thing to do. With a few key steps, soon you’ll be able to create a habit out of it. Always pay off your bills first, set aside a portion of your income to be placed into emergency savings – 20% is the ideal amount – and budget out your monthly necessities including petrol, food, groceries, and so on.

One way you can control your budget is by downloading one of expense tracker apps. There are many out there made for different goals in mind — you have the extremely basic apps that track your daily expenditures and apps that help you set up a daily budget so you don’t go over it.

The core use of these expense tracker apps is to lay out your monthly expenditures and really let you see where your money goes every month. You’ll then be able to see just how much that daily coffee takeout in the morning is costing you. It’s going to be shocking, but at least you’ll be able to plan your monthly expenses more carefully.

Ready to begin managing your money better? Download one (or a few) of the best expense tracker apps below.

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