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Smartwatches make an excellent Christmas gift as they are a great companion in daily life. We have put together a list of 5 smartwatches to gift this Christmas. This list should help you to choose the perfect model for your loved one. Watches are often considered a luxury item, so people are unlikely to treat themselves to them. Smartwatches are no exception to this. They are perhaps considered even more of a luxury by some due to their smart features and functions. This makes them an excellent Christmas gift as it will be a true surprise.

Smartwatches make an excellent Christmas gift for tech lovers and novices alike. There is a perfect smartwatch for every kind of collector. More technical smartwatches may be better suited to the tech lovers in your life. However, there are also more simple smartwatches to cater to those who are beginning to explore their options. The excitement of receiving a smartwatch this Christmas will make it a perfect gift. If you are searching for the perfect smartwatch to gift this festive season, keep reading for our top 5 smartwatches to gift this Christmas.

Our Top 5 Smartwatches to Gift this Christmas

Alpina | AlpinerX Alive | Titanium Smartwatch AL-284LBBW5TAQ1B

5 Smartwatches to Gift this Christmas

This Alpina Smartwatch would make an excellent gift for someone who is interested in the functions of a smartwatch, but is not willing to sacrifice the appearance of a traditional wristwatch. This model features a matte black dial with traditional silver hands and indices. These allow the wearer to read the time as they would with a traditional watch. However, the dial of the watch also exhibits a digital screen that is protected by scratch-resistant convex sapphire crystal. This element of the watch allows it to allow insights into wellbeing and performance by tracking activity and sleep. The watch can also act as a dynamic coach, world timer and smart alarm whilst displaying call and message notifications.

This model features a titanium case and bracelet to ensure that the watch is incredibly durable and lightweight. This makes it suitable and comfortable to be worn during sporting activities. The watch is powered by an AL-284 calibre and is water resistant up to 100 metres. This Alpina Smartwatch is the perfect Christmas gift for those who love technology and traditional horological style.

TicWatch Pro 2020 Liquid Metal Silver Smartwatch 139864-WF12106

This smartwatch model from TicWatch exhibits a sleek, almost futuristic design. One unique feature of this watch is TicMotion technology which proactively tracks activity without the wearer needing to activate anything. The watch will track movement, rest, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep. These statistics will give the wearer a well rounded view of their personal health and wellbeing. This will allow them to adapt their routines where necessary. This watch has an admirable battery life. It can last 2 days in smart mode and 30 days in essential mode.

The AMOLED display measures 1.39″, making it easy to read and use whilst on the move. This case of this watch is made from polyamide and glass fibre case in an eye-catching silver shade. To ensure that the watch is durable, Corning Gorilla glass is used to protect the screen. Also, the bezel is made from stainless steel. This watch is secured on the wrist using a black high quality silicone strap. This will ensure that the watch is comfortable to wear during exercise. This watch would make an excellent Christmas gift for someone who is health conscious and enjoys keeping track of their fitness.

Reflex Active Series 4 Smart Watch | Colour Touch Screen Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet RA04-3001

This smartwatch from Relfex is a great gift idea for someone on a budget. The watch offers many basic smartwatch functions at a very affordable price point. The watch exhibits a classic silver colour scheme. A stainless steel case frames the display. A matching stylish stainless steel mesh bracelet will secure the watch on the wrist. This smart timepiece is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. This ensures that it will be suitable for most people.

The watch can receive call and message notifications as well as act as a remote selfie button and to help find your phone. For those who like to track their activity, the watch has health and sport tracking functions and pre-loaded sports apps. The watch will track calories burned and steps as well as sleep and distance. This Reflex smartwatch would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone who would like to start their journey into the world of smartwatches. The affordable price makes this model very accessible.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire | Titanium Grey | Titanium Strap and Ember Orange Strap 010-02158-23

Garmin is one of the most well known smartwatch brands on the market at present. This makes them great Christmas gifts as they are famous for their reliability and robust nature. The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire is a smartwatch with all of the trimmings. It is made from incredibly high quality materials , including a sapphire lends and a titanium bezel. The case is made from fibre-reinforced polymer and the bracelet in made from vented titanium. An ember orange rubber strap is also provided with this model. Both straps are QuickFit compatible, so it will be easy to adjust the watch for any occasion.

This model features a heart rate and Pulse Ox sensor with the Dynamic PacePro feature. These technologies will allow the wearer to run and train more efficiently. The watch is capable fo tracking running, golfing, climbing, cycling, skiing, rowing and swimming amongst several other sports. This makes the watch a great choice for the multi talented sportsman. The watch is equipped with GPS technologies, meaning that the distance statistics are far more accurate than some other smartwatch models. The watch also has day-to-day utility with music storage, notifications and Garmin Pay. This high-tech Garmin smartwatch would be a great gift for the avid sportsman who likes to keep track of every detail of their workouts.

Polar Grit X White Strap Small/Medium 90081735

5 Smartwatches to Gift this Christmas

This Polar watch exhibits an eye-catching unisex colour scheme. The white silicone strap will complement any other accessories that it is worn with. It will also be long-lasting and comfortable. The case of the watch is made from extremely high strength stainless steel, making this Polar’s most iconic outdoor multisport model. The watch is focused on functionality and so was built to military grade durability levels with a long battery life. To further the resilience of this timepiece, laminated Gorilla glass is used to protect the always-on colour touch display. Being an outdoor watch, the battery can withstand extreme temperatures, from -20˚C to +50˚C. This will allow it to be worn throughout scorching hot days and chilling nights.

The watch is equipped with GPS technologies to improve the accuracy and reliability of route guidance and other sports modes. The watch features a FuelWise function to ensure that the wearer is feeding their body properly throughout training periods and a sleep tracker to ensure they are getting enough rest. This watch is compatible with Polar Flow. This is a platform that allows the wearer to plan workouts, analyze results and share and compare with their peers. This watch would be a great Christmas gift for fitness enthusiasts who love to combine wellness with their social life.

What are your thoughts on our 5 smartwatches to gift this Christmas? Did any of them catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!