5 aromatic hand soaps that will keep your palms moisturised and germ-free

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Even during the chaos of global health crisis, let’s make our hand-washing session a relaxing, aromatic one.

Keeping a rigid hand hygiene routine has become the most important element to prevent germs from spreading in this pandemic. To help prevent the continued spread of COVID-19, we have all been rigorously washing and scrubbing our hands (more than 20 seconds, of course) to battle the highly contagious virus.

Whilst we are hunting down anti-bacterial soaps and cleansing gels, it’s not necessary that you have to rely on that variety in order to kill germs. Cleansing the skin to remove any bacteria or dirt is vital, but maintaining the health of the outer skin layer is equally important. Being vigilant doesn’t mean you need to suffer from dry, peeling skin.

Do not compromise your skin because you can make your hand-washing experience a luxurious one. To ensure you hydrate your skin and receive complete skincare benefits, we’ve rounded up the most luxurious hand soaps that not only moisturise your skin but evoke divine fragrances, too. These hand soaps promise to care for your sensitive skin and let those vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in.

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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 29 April 2020.

The post 5 aromatic hand soaps that will keep your palms moisturised and germ-free appeared first on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok.

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