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SINGAPORE: Three men aged between 35 and 42 will be charged in court on Friday (Mar 25) with conspiring to cheat a victim of S$20,000. 

The victim lodged a police report on Tuesday, stating that cash amounting to S$20,000 was allegedly “snatched away” from him by a man with whom “he had (a) transaction”, the police said in a news release on Thursday night. 

The transaction took place at a public car park along Yishun Avenue 5 and involved the exchange of foreign currency to Singapore dollars. The police did not say what currency the transaction involved. 

The man and two others were arrested by the police on Wednesday and Thursday.

“Preliminary investigations revealed that the three men had allegedly conspired to deceive the victim to transfer foreign currency to them by showing the victim cash in Singapore dollars but did not have the intention to hand over the cash to the victim,” said the police. 

If found guilty of conspiring to cheat the victim, the trio could each face up to 10 years’ jail and a fine.