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Sleepless nights and screeching demands—it’s no secret that parenting newborns is far from glamorous. You leave little time to take care of yourself and constantly feel on the verge of tears. That’s where a distinguished diaper bag (not the undereye kind) steps in. Ok, it won’t feed the screaming baby in the middle of the night for you (we wish). But it will help alleviate small day-to-day stresses. And we all know that it’s the tiny details that induce unsolicited meltdowns. 

Yes, organization is the key to success. But that’s a lot easier said than done with a baby in tow. A good diaper bag coordinates your day for you with pockets aplenty and compartments to separate snacks from changing mats from spare onesies. Perfectly placed bottle holders prevent last-minute spills. Sturdy materials promise to endure endless hauls and future offspring. And convertible straps adjust to the mood of the day, with premium comfort being a constant mantra. Not to mention, they’re easily wipeable (enough said).

While functionality is at the crux of every great diaper bag, we’re committed to finding the best designer diaper bags to make new parents feel like their old stylish selves. From Gucci to Dior to Burberry, this is an area in which you don’t have to compromise your eye for fashion. And while delicate details disguise their inner contents, you’ll have mothers and non-mothers alike fawning over your new accessory. 

On that note, let’s find your new co-parenting accomplice

In a rush? No problem! Here’s our shortlist of the absolute best options available right now:


best designer diaper bags dagne dover indi review - Luxe Digital

Dagne Dover Indi

Essentially, the Swiss army knife of on-the-go parenting—functional and durable.

  • Type: Backpack
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Organization: 4.5/5
  • Style: 4/5


best designer diaper bags kaai helix review - Luxe Digital

KAAI Helix

This designer bag does it all (just like you). Buy one Helix bag and call it a very stylish day.

  • Type: Tote
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Organization: 4/5
  • Style: 4.5/5


best designer diaper bags bellroy tokyo tote review - Luxe Digital

Bellroy Tokyo Tote

Proof that superior quality and long-lasting beauty don’t have to cost the earth.

  • Type: Tote
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Organization: 4/5
  • Style: 4/5

Dagne Dover Indi: Overall best diaper bag

best designer diaper bags dagne dover indi review - Luxe Digital

Renowned for its stylishly utilitarian line of bags, it’s no surprise that Dagne Dover is at the top of our list of best diaper bags. The Indi packs a punch with a changing pad, luggage sleeve, and pockets aplenty. Plus the designer diaper bag is vegan-friendly, sustainable, and comes in a range of neutral hues. 

We have a dedicated review of the Dagne Dover Indi bag to help you see all its features. Check our piece on the story behind Dagne Dover to learn more about the accessory brand too.

Best for: On-the-go, hands-free parenting.

Colors: Black, Beige, Pink, and more
Materials: Recycled Neoprene, Mesh

KAAI Helix: Best luxury diaper bag

best designer diaper bags kaai helix review - Luxe Digital

Just like your favorite totes, but this one is so versatile that it can take care of on-the-go diaper changes too. The little extras like an external pocket and perfectly placed compartments speak to the design’s inner beauty. The KAAI Helix bag comes in a range of colorways, in premium leather or canvas.

Born to celebrate the modern women’s multifaceted nature, the Kaai Helix bag strives to fit into every area of a woman’s life—be it school runs, office commutes, or last-minute getaways.

Check our in-depth review of the KAAI Helix tote to learn more about this XL bag.

Best for: Baby gear toting—but make it très chic.

Colors: Black, Camel, Moss Green + More
Materials: Water And Scratch Resistant Leather or Eco Canvas

Bellroy Tokyo Tote: Best value designer baby bag

best designer diaper bags bellroy tokyo tote review - Luxe Digital

Bellroy continues to prove time and time again that superior quality and long-lasting beauty don’t have to cost the earth. And whilst the Tokyo Tote isn’t specified as such, the water-resistant, compartmentalized design meets all the requirements of our best designer baby bags. Plus you can repurpose this spacious tote when the kids grow older.

Learn more about the origin story of Bellroy with our dedicated brand article.

Best for: Luxury designs without the price tag.

Colors: Black, Green, Bronze + More
Materials: Water Resistant Woven Fabric

Cuyana System Tote: Best leather diaper bag

best designer diaper bags cuyana system tote review - Luxe Digital

Topping our lists of best designer work bags, we’ve found a new purpose for Cuyana’s multifunctional System Tote. You’ve guessed it—on-the-go diaper changes. The timeless pebbled leather comes in a range of classical colors—from Black to Caramel to Dark Olive. And although it ticks all our baby boxes with a spacious inner compartment and wipeable fabrics, the tantalizing tote needn’t be confined to spare onesies and bottles.

Take a look at our Cuyana System Tote review to see exactly what the bag looks like, and read our Cuyana brand story to learn more about the women-led brand.

Best for: Timeless styles surpass diaper days.

Colors: Black, Caramel, Dark Olive + More
Materials: Leather

Calpak: Best duffle diaper bag for boys

best designer diaper bags calpak review - Luxe Digital

Dad-approved—these ambiguous diaper bags for boys don’t leave all the dirty work to moms. And the gender-neutral design makes switching between parents effortlessly stylish. The soft duffle features plenty of pockets. And these Calpak large diaper bags hold more than enough room for a changing mat, extra outfits, snacks, and then some. 

Best for: Switching roles.

Colors: Black, Chocolate, Dijon Yellow + More
Materials: Polyester

Senreve Midi Maestra: Most versatile designer diaper backpack

best designer diaper bags senreve review - Luxe Digital

With young ones on the loose, it’s difficult to find time to tend to your personal style. Luckily, the Senreve Midi Maestra takes care of that for you. The pebbled leather runs the gamut of colors to match your distinctive taste—from Merlot to Chestnut to Lavender (to name a few). And the compartmentalized silhouette features adjustable straps for every occasion.

Learn more about Senreve’s brand story.

Best for: Celebrity-approved convenience.

Colors: Merlot, Chestnut, Lavender + More
Materials: Leather

Gucci Babybag: Best messenger designer diaper bag

best designer diaper bags gucci babybag review - Luxe Digital

We can all breathe a sigh of relief. Gucci has indeed added a diaper bag to the collection. While you wouldn’t typically associate the opulent brand with baby messes, this Gucci diaper bag is the perfect way to ramp up your style with minimal sleep. The durable signature canvas silhouette carries multiple compartments along with an adjustable messenger strap for premium convenience and comfort. Not to mention, it’s a classical piece to pass down to your children when they’re about to pop. 

Best for: This messenger bears good news only.

Color: Beige
Materials: Coated Canvas With Leather Trim

Horizn Studios Chiado: Best small diaper bag

best designer diaper bags horizn studios chiado review - Luxe Digital

Perfect for shorter outings, the Chiado cross-body by sustainable travel brand Horizn Studios doesn’t overcomplicate matters. This small diaper bag fits all the essentials without inhibiting your freedom of movement. The stylish, lightweight silhouette effortlessly slings over one shoulder. And made from recycled materials, it’s your guilt-free excuse to do something for yourself for a change.

Best for: Uninhibited movement.

Colors: Black and Off Tan
Materials: Water-resistant, 100% recycled nylon

Burberry: Best leather diaper backpack

best designer diaper bags burberry review - Luxe Digital

If your hands are usually full (as we assume they are), try a designer backpack to alleviate the stress. Nobody does that better than Burberry. This leather diaper backpack by Burberry provides all the parenting practicalities with pouches aplenty and a fold-out changing mat. And as we’ve come to expect from the luxury brand—convenience never compromises style with its signature details.

Best for: Having your back in comfort and appearance.

Color: Black
Materials: ECONYL and leather

Freshly Picked: Best convertible stylish diaper bag

best designer diaper bags freshly picked review - Luxe Digital

Adjusting to your routine, the Freshly Picked convertible rendition transforms from crossbody to backpack in a snap. The butterscotch leather silhouette speaks to a timeless aesthetic, made to outlast your youngest child. This designer diaper bag is effortlessly versatile for on-the-go motherhood, whilst recognizing that you deserve to look good too. 

Best for: Transforming your mood.

Color: Butterscotch

Beis: Best designer diaper bag for travel

best designer diaper bags beis review - Luxe Digital

Chic enough to hide the messy contents, you’d never guess what lay beneath the surface of Beis’ designer diaper bags. Perfect for traveling, the spacious compartment holds every essential needed for those on-the-go diaper changes. And complete with stroller straps, adjustable shoulder straps, and fancy chain straps—this fashionably functional bag by Beis puts a luxury spin on young motherhood (if that’s even possible).

Best for: A luxury take on diaper changes.

Colors: Black, Beige, Gray + More
Materials: Water-Resistant Nylon Twill

Longchamp Le Pliage: Best packable large diaper bag

best designer diaper bags longchamp le pliage review - Luxe Digital

We think that Longchamp’s famously durable tote makes a stellar diaper bag. And once you add this black and leather chic rendition to your parenting arsenal, you won’t look back. Acting like the ultimate large diaper bag, Le Pliage holds everything you need without a second thought. While the fold-up design makes it effortless to pack or double up as a trendy everyday tote. That’s versatility for you.

Best for: From everyday tote to handy diaper bag.

Color: Black
Materials: Nylon

Tiba + Marl: Best faux leather baby bag

best designer diaper bags tiba marl review - Luxe Digital

There’s nothing like black faux leather to complement every ensemble. Even better, when the sleek silhouette doubles up as a changing bag. Tiba + Marl has nailed chic convenience with this faux leather diaper bag. The spacious interior features an insulated bottle holder, a removable wet clutch, and wipeable lining to fulfill all your parenting needs. 

Best for: Faux leather flexibility.

Color: Black
Materials: Polyurethane, Faux Leather

Skip Hop: Best diaper bags for twins

best designer diaper bags skip hop review - Luxe Digital

Double the chaos requires double the convenience. And that’s exactly what Skip Hop provides with this multifunctional diaper bag. With two of everything, your twins will never have to compete. From a pair of packing cubes to double insulated bottle pockets—this effortlessly practical tote leaves nothing unaccounted for.

Best for: Doubling up.

Color: Gray
Materials: ‎Polyester, Faux Leather

Mansur Gavriel: Best diaper tote bag

best designer diaper bags mansur gavriel review - Luxe Digital

Mansur Gavriel has been making moves with simple silhouettes ever since its launch in 2013. But we think the brand’s iconic everyday soft tote takes the cake. The wipeable leather exterior and spacious interior promise to serve your parenting needs. But once they start school, this effortlessly chic tote is ready to hit the town—and take you with it.

Learn more about Mansur Gavriel’s brand story.

Best for: Everyday accessibility.

Colors: Caramel. Pink, Cream + More
Materials: Leather (Calfskin)

Prada: Best nylon luxury diaper bag

best designer diaper bags prada review - Luxe Digital

Who says you have to give up your eye for fashion when you become a parent? We certainly don’t. And while you’re ramping up your mom-fluencer wardrobe—nothing embodies timeless trends like a Prada diaper bag. With several zipped pockets and changing mat, the practical design is flawlessly finished off by a sleek black silhouette and the iconic brand’s signature logo. 

Best for: Keeping up with timeless trends.

Color: Black
Materials: Recycled Nylon

Givenchy: Best black stylish diaper bag

best designer diaper bags givenchy review - Luxe Digital

Renowned for its haute-couture fashion, Givenchy knows how to create fashion items that stand the test of time. And this designer diaper bag happens to be one of them. The black spacious silhouette is patterned with the brand’s signature logo. While the adjustable monogram strap further emphasizes Givenchy’s iconic name. Complete with a changing mat and removable pouch, this Givenchy diaper bag does it all.

Best for: Designer details reinvent the diaper bag.

Color: Black
Materials: Calf Leather, Polyamide 

Bonpoint: Best quilted cute diaper bag

best designer diaper bags bonpoint review - Luxe Digital

Quilted fabrics are totally on-trend this season. And we don’t think they’re leaving any time soon. But this multifunctional tote by Bonpoint is more than just a fashion statement. With a spacious interior and zip pockets—it’s a miracle worker for new moms. Plus you can just stick the cotton silhouette in the wash to remove baby stains.

Best for: Fashionable fabrics take on parenting practicalities.

Color: Baby pink
Materials: Cotton

Balmain: Best canvas designer diaper bag

best designer diaper bags balmain review - Luxe Digital

Designed to outlast endless hauls and your little one’s mess—Balmain’s canvas tote is any modern mom’s new best friend. The large silhouette makes room for a removable changing mat and plenty of pockets. While the off-white exterior is contrasted with black leather straps, trimmings and the designer logo for a look that is true to the brand’s signature French finish.

Best for: A sturdy canvas silhouette meets Parisian finesse.

Color: Ivory
Materials: Canvas

Ruvalino: Best diaper backpack for organization

best designer diaper bags ruvalino review - Luxe Digital

Comfortable and convenient, the Ruvalino backpack leaves your hands to take care of more important matters (such as carrying the baby). This durable silhouette is a loyal companion throughout endless diaper changes with ample compartments. While the state-of-the-art features go above and beyond to conquer stress-free parenting. And a variety of neutral colorways ensure that you look good doing it. 

Best for: Planning for parenthood.

Colors: Army green, Black, Pink + More
Materials: Water Resistant Polyester

Buyers guide to the best designer diaper bags

While every good diaper bag should have two things in common—practicality and style—the ways in which they do it, differ from bag to bag. Your everyday tote is perfect for blending into every situation. And most of our top picks conceal their contents with decadent details and a designer flair. While some totes boast one large spacious interior, perfect for bigger packs; others do all your organizing for you with a plethora of pockets and compartments. 

We love a tote for effortless styling, but many baby occasions call for a hands-free approach—cue the backpack. A backpack diaper bag may not fit into your formal affair, but it is oh so functional. And they quite literally have your back in allowing you to use your hands for more important things—such as holding your baby, carrying groceries—or just allowing the arms a much-needed reprieve.

If you can’t choose between the versatile style of a tote or the effortless practicality of a backpack, see our convertible finds. These diaper bags transform into the mood of the day with adjustable straps and a flexible attitude, giving you the best of both worlds. Finally, not every nip out requires an extensive pack. And if you find yourself unnecessarily carting around more than you need, a crossover satchel or purse diaper bag will change that in a snap. They’re just big enough to fit all the essentials, without the bulk. Think of popping to the shops or taking your little one for a stroll.

What to look for in a diaper bag

If you believe that any spacious tote will do the trick, you’re yet to experience the problem-solving, stress-relieving effects of the right diaper bag. A good diaper bag is not only spacious, but it has separate compartments and zipped pockets for your baby’s many bits and bobs. If it’s trying to impress, it’ll come with a removable changing mat. And if it’s really taking its job seriously, it’ll include insulated bottle holders. 

It’s not just what a diaper bag is able to hold that makes it excellent. It is also how it makes you feel. It’s no secret that parenting newborns amounts to a little sleeplessness and endless carrying. A non-burdensome bag alleviates that where possible—perhaps through lightweight fabrics or adjustable backpack straps. Not to mention, your bag should be prepared to take on a large amount of stuff. As most parents will know, light packing usually becomes a thing of the past with young ones in tow.

While it’s not always possible, we also love a bag that outlives your child’s early years. And a few of our favorite brands have managed to produce timeless classics that are not only perfect as baby bags but also double up as a work tote, gym duffel, or just your day-to-day designer companion. In short, if your bag has plenty of space, a plethora of pockets, and is light and sturdy on the shoulders—you’re probably looking at a winner. 

Best overall diaper bag

best designer diaper bags dagne dover indi review - Luxe Digital

EDITOR’S CHOICE: Dagne Dover Indi

The Swiss army knife of on-the-go parenting—The Indi packs a punch with a changing pad, luggage sleeve, and pockets aplenty. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly, sustainable, and comes in a range of neutral hues.

Frequently asked questions about diaper bags

Which brand diaper bag is best?

Different diaper bags serve different purposes. You can’t go wrong with KAAI’s Helix bag for versatile on-the-go adventures. Beis produces a stellar travel companion. And Dagne Dover’s backpacks fit into almost every occasion. But to find your perfect match, we recommend reading our full review of all the best designer diaper bags

Do Goyard and Chanel Make a diaper bag? 

Goyard and Chanel don’t explicitly make diaper bags. And while they do make gorgeous large totes that could double up as a diaper bag—they don’t quite tick all our boxes when it comes to functionality—the crux of all good newborn companions.

What diaper bags do celebrities use?

It’s no surprise Prada’s nylon number is amongst Kourtney Kardashian’s collection. Gucci’s messenger bag is also making moves in high end-circles—seen on Halle Berry and Nicole Richie. And loyal to her British heritage, it only seems fitting that Kate Middleton is a fan of Burberry.

Is a designer diaper bag worth it?

Designer diaper bags aren’t just about flaunting iconic logos. A good diaper bag should be of the highest quality. Durable fabrics are necessary to carry all your baby essentials and should last long enough to support future kids. They should also be innovatively designed to ensure that parenting newborns is no more difficult than it needs to be. Luxury brands are often worth the extra cost as they live up to impeccable standards.

Can you use a tote as a diaper bag?

While they aren’t always hands-free, a tote is an excellent choice to blend into multiple occasions. They should be spacious enough to fit a changing mat (if need be) and extra pockets never hurt. Plus all of our top picks (tote)ally conceal their contents with effortlessly chic designs.