19 Badass Pairs of Black Sunglasses

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It’s impossible to go wrong with a pair of the best black sunglasses. If you’re looking to get weird with your shades, you’re in luck: Everything from A-Rod reflective wraparounds to rose-tinted grandma specs are very much in play right now. On the other hand, if you’d rather keep things simple with your shades—if all you ask is a pair that protects your eyes, goes with pretty much everything, and hopefully makes you feel like a total unassailable badass—then all-black frames are your answer. Pull on the right pair of substantial black sunglasses, and you’re suddenly the latest heir to a lineage of cool that starts with guys like Ali and Dylan in the ’60s, runs through Risky Business–era Tom Cruise, and holds strong in 2021 on fellas as disparate as Travis Scott and Johnny Knoxville. Here are 19 of the best black sunglasses anywhere—some timeless, some not-so-timeless—to help you let your inner John Wick loose this summer.

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