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Thus our exploration of new Hong Kong music continues. To diversify your Spotify playlist with some proper Venus energy, we present 13 rising female musicians to keep an ear out for — if you weren’t a fan already.

Last time we concluded our list of 10 local hip-hop musicians on a boys-only note, so it is only right that we introduce established some singers from the other side excelling across all other genres. Looking at a talent pool multiple times the size of hip-hop’s, the important lesson is realising how blessed we are to be showered with vast creativity constantly.

Without further ado, get your AirPods ready for 13 rising Hong Kong female artists, ones whose work might already have made your acquaintance. If not, it certainly will soon. Enjoy.

13 rising Hong Kong female musicians you should know in 2022

Luna Is A Bep

Your first introduction to Luna Is A Bep is probably her satirical diss track on pick-me boyish girls, “#麻甩系 (#Malade Type)“. A Chinese Language and Literature graduate, Luna Is A Bep places emphasis on rhymes, but even more so on content — get immersed in her lyrical snapshots of everyday moments in “我唔要再覺得自己廢 (I Don’t Want To Feel Like Trash Anymore)” and more.

Follow Luna Is A Bep on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.


cehryl produces music that fuses genres and explores complex emotions. Swaying you with a voice as mellifluous as the melodies she writes and orchestrates, cehryl snuggles up with you with an intimate sophistication that requires no warming up to.

Follow cehryl on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Gigi Cheung

Singer-songwriter Gigi Cheung is a new name to know in today’s music scene. There is something endearing about her vocals — maybe it’s the raw-yet-expressive quality, or maybe it’s the soft, whispery tone that feels like a friendly chatter.

Either way, keep Gigi Cheung in mind if your daily ritual includes unwinding to indie-pop.

Follow Gigi Cheung on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Anna hisbbuR 

Anna hisbbuR is on her way to become the God in Her Dreams, G-Dragon. Stumbling upon the Korean singer-songwriter at the height of Hong Kong’s K-Pop craze, Anna hisbbuR found the appeal of making music from conception to completion.

A lo-fi ambience roams through her self-produced album Now You See Me, making for the new Anna hisbbuR hallmark.

Follow Anna hisbbuR on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Moon Tang

Cover girl, style icon, muse of Gareth T. and singer-songwriter, moon tang does it all.

Championing minimal arrangements with lighthearted guitar riffs inviting you to groove along, moon tang creates a listening experience so intimate as if we’re reading her personal journal.

Follow moon tang on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.


Watch out, ’cause CHANKA isn’t one to be easily figured out — we are talking about a girl who released three songs in the span of one month.

With a signature sound rooted in electronic folk, CHANKA explores an array of sonic profiles to complement her delicate, lullaby-like voice, singing our souls to sleep.

Follow CHANKA on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Just a broken machine

Just a broken machine is an acoustic representation of out-of-focus Polaroids you take in a state of daze and confusion — blurred vision leaves much room for imagination.

Reminiscent of Princess Chelsea, Just a broken machine’s repertoire consists of euphonious vocals and dreamy melodies you’d slow dance with your first crush to.

Follow Just a broken machine on Instagram and check out their YouTube channel here.

Merry Lamb Lamb

Merry Lamb Lamb keeps it weird in a “let your imagination run wild” type of way. Coming in an unbeatable package of compelling dance beats, surrealistic humour and impeccable Y2K fashion, Merry Lamb Lamb is a retro acid trip that is pure enjoyment without side effects.

Follow Merry Lamb Lamb on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Jace Chan

Jace Chan is the musician to know if you want to have a superb time at the karaoke lounge. Demonstrating a range unmatched with her sweet ballad “Long D” and dominating hip-hop track “SHHHH“, this princess of Cantopop is here to rule over your playlist.

Follow Jace Chan on Instagram.

Panther Chan

Panther Chan is a walking testament to talent, hard work and dedication. Despite a bumpy beginning in the music industry, she has found her voice — a powerful, velvety one — and spotlight. Case in point: the 2021 bop “Era Of The Beast“, a loving tribute to Japanese rock.

Follow Panther Chan on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.


Make way for hot girl summer, Hong Kong-style. Finding inspiration from fierce divas of our era, IKA exudes confidence and sass seldom found in girls with a strict local upbringing.

Get to know IKA and her roots in R&B through the hit “Slow Down, Babe?”.

Follow IKA on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Salty Chick

Hitting play on Salty Chick is like having an one-sided pillow talk with a girl you just met tonight. She tells you about that person who will always be in her heart between puffs of a cigarette, and you listen intently, fully aware that when the sun rises, her face will just be a blur to you.

Follow $alty Chick on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Yoyo Sham

Yoyo Sham’s music is art you need to appreciate in quiet and peace, or else the sounds of the outside world will burst the bubble of serene poetry.

Blessed with a voice of gentle sunbeam that can subdue a raging thunderstorm, Yoyo Sham is the serotonin your soul longs for.

Follow Yoyo Sham on Instagram and check out her YouTube channel here.

Featured Image: @moonstyles_ / Hero Image: @justabrokenmachine

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