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Think Fallon Carrington meets Richie Rich meets Blair Waldorf. Extra, extra, read all about it! 

You know exactly who I’m talking about: Flouncing into casual dinners dripping in ice and a fur coat; casual trips to Zermatt, decked head-to-toe in Moncler; stacked Love bracelets and Lotus rings; sky-high heels and an even higher ponytail, a Birkin in tow; biyearly Botox touch-ups. I’m sure, without even pausing to consider, there’s someone who jumps to mind. And why not? Life is fabulous. And living extravagantly is, tragically, a luxury afforded to few. So, for those who can, in this very spectacular and most festive of seasons, perhaps something listed below would be to their very “extra” liking. 

The best gifts for “that” friend

Hero image courtesy of Amy Shamblen and @Antenna via Unsplash

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