10 things to know about Nam Laks from Bling Empire: New York

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10 things to know about Nam Laks from Bling Empire: New York

Another variation of Netflix’s popular series on the extravagant lives of the wealthy, Bling Empire: New York was realised over the last weekend. This time around, we spotted one very prominent character: the Thai socialite known as Nam Laks.

The so-called ‘Blair Waldorf of Thailand’ according to some, Nam Laks is portrayed as the daddy’s little girl who, according to the series, is used to getting everything she wants and is currently living on her dad’s credit cards. Following the spicy drama on Bling Empire, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Nam Laks.

[Hero image credit: Netflix; featured image credit: @namlaks]

1. Nam Laks’s real name is Nam Laksanakarn

Image credit: Netflix

She is introduced as Nam Laks in this Netflix original, which is actually shortened from her nickname and surname, Nam Laksanakarn.

2. Nam is the daughter of the former CEO of Natural Park Public Company Limited

The ‘daddy’ who is behind all her credit card expenses and threatens to cut her off after graduation, is Nakorn Laksanakarn. He is the former CEO of Natural Park PCL, a real estate developer that operates several hotels, hospitals, and housing in Thailand.

3. Nam is a Wednesday child

Nam has one older brother Nick, and one younger, Nino. The latter is also the one calling in the second episode to inform her about the bad news.

4. Nam is an Aquarius

Nam was born in the beginning of February 1994, making her an Aquarius.

5. Nam is allegedly ‘single’

Her love life hasn’t been publicised much, although we know that she has ended things with her partner Kristoff in early 2022, according to Bling Empire. As of now, however, we have noticed the occasional appearances of large flower bouquets on her Instagram, and that’s open to your own interpretations.

6. Nam graduated with a Bachelor degree from The University of Manchester

Having finished high school in Bangkok, Nam graduated with a Bachelor degree from The University of Manchester in 2015. She then proceeded to pursue her Master at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Columbia University, as per her father’s request.

7. Nam’s family’s net worth

Nam’s own net worth is reported to be around $100,000. Her family’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million, according to this source.

8. Nam loves fine jewellery, especially Thai brand Matara Studio

Image credit: Netflix

Nam Laks is spotted wearing a couple of pieces from the renowned Thai fine jewellery brand, Matara Studio, throughout the show. Considering that she’s into fashion, it actually comes to no surprise that she would love the cultured pearls from Matara.

9. Nam is a close friend of Mew Taesopapong and Jinny Chotivichit

Being in elite circles, Nam Laks sure has a lot of hi-so friends. She is friends with Kamonporn “Mew” Taesopapong, the heiress of Nakornchai Air, and Aimsiga “Jinny” Chotivichit, a singer-turned-business woman. She was also one of Mew’s bridesmaid at her wedding in 2021.

10. Nam is one of the contributors behind the most popular bakery stores in Bangkok, Lakshome

Image credit: Lakshome

Nam Laks is part of the team behind Lakshome, an online bakery store that shook the whole online bakery market in Thailand for a while. Their signature item, the Molten Chocolate Cake, which is a luscious chocolate cake with cream on top, still receives a lot of love these days.

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