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There’s nothing more embarrassing than taking off your face mask and having your lipstick smudged. Luckily, these matte lipsticks can come to the rescue.

The best thing about matte lipsticks is that they make your lips look plump, have a feathery light feel, and rarely smudge under a face mask.

The look might go back to as far as the 1930s, but it’s still as current today, and it’s incredible how transformative a swipe of a good matte lipstick can be. Because of their texture and finish, these products are also perfect for wearing under face masks. Unlike glossy or shimmery iterations, the formula here adheres to the lips much better, and is versatile enough to be blurred out at the edges or worn boldly.

Matte lipsticks of the past might’ve gotten a bad rep for being extremely drying for the lips, but times have changed and so have formulations.

From budget friendly picks from L’oreal to bougie versions from Hermès, here are the best options that are comfortable enough for all-day wear, beautifully pigmented, and long-lasting, so you’ll never have to worry about looking like a demented clown when you remove your face mask again.

(Main image: Hermès Beauty)

The best matte lipsticks that won’t smudge your face mask

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