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December just got way more exciting.

10+ Luxury Advent Calendars to Elevate Your Countdown to Christmas

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Oct 20, 2021

In our world, December is reserved for one thing: celebrating the holiday season. Of course, there are so many ways to do that, from decorating your space to downing fizzy cocktails. But if there’s one tradition that makes the season just that much more festive, it’s counting down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar.

Advent calendars sometimes get a bad rap as kitschy decor items filled with somewhat useless knickknacks. However, there’s a subcategory of luxury advent calendars filled with high-end skincare products, candy, candles, and more. Here, we’ve compiled our favorite elevated advent calendars you’ll be excited to unwrap each day. Gift them to friends and family or keep one for yourself to celebrate the season. The countdown to Christmas begins today.

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