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We talk about skincare a lot, but your skin encompasses a larger surface area than just your face. Your body deserves as much care as what you invest into your face, and thankfully, it requires less product.

A quality body moisturiser goes a long way in nourishing your skin, and it also has the potential to address certain skin issues, be it stretch marks, acne or dry patches. Applying a generous amount after you shower, or as needed throughout the day can do wonders in improving your condition. As everyone has different things they look for when they qualify “the best body moisturiser“, we’ve rounded up a selection to soothe a variety of skin issues, the best in class, if you will.

Whether you seek an intensive skin treatment, a multitasking lotion, a perfume-heavy scent-sual experience or everything else in-between, we have your back with the best body moisturisers in Singapore that you can buy.

The article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

The best body moisturisers to pamper yourself at home

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