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All girls born in the 90s will know: there is no more iconic object of our adolescence than the chenille tracksuit! Seen on every American TV series or celebrities of the 2000s, loved and dreamed of, the chenille tracksuit was considered a real must-have. One-color (and strictly present in wardrobes in all possible and imaginable shades), cozy and incredibly soft, the chenille tracksuit, perhaps thanks to the supremacy of loungewear given the current pandemic, has returned directly from 2000 to complete the wishlist of this Autumn / Winter 2020. The iconic look par excellence at the time was: chenille tracksuit, let’s credit Juicy Couture for having filled our looks with softness and glitter, Nike Silver, Motorola Razr and Louis Vuitton Monogram at hands. It may be for the nostalgia of Gossip Girl, Legally Blonde or J.Lo but this trend drives us crazy and seems to have conquered the hearts of contemporary brands too.

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In addition to Juicy Couture, which has been carrying on the trend continuously for more than 20 years, Skims, the beloved brand of Kim Kardashian has also formalized its love for chenille by making it an object of desire for this season. To tell the truth, it is the entire ADV campaign of the brand new Skims Velour collection that has broken into everyone’s hearts: the protagonists are the BFFs Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton who showed off their chenille total looks along with some of the must-haves of the 2000s. Even the big sportswear brands have followed the trend such as Adidas, Nike and Champion and not even fast fashion like Zara, Miss Guided and Bershka have missed it. We couldn’t wait any longer and we started looking for the coolest chenille tracksuits to buy ASAP. Welcome back 2000!

Back to 2000’s Velour Tracksuit

Legally Blonde Velour Tracksuit

Casual Velour Tracksuit

Tie-Dye Velour Tracksuit

Canary Yellow Velour Tracksuit

Fashionista Velour Tracksuit

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