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A small, new and indestructible institution, led by pure Neapolitans or chefs who are fond of experimental recipes? We’ll give you a tour of our favourite Parisian restaurants where you can enjoy a good pizza in Paris. Because who said that the pizza hype is in Italy only?

Fine grocery and wine cellar, Faggio Salumeria celebrates the best culinary specialities of the bunch. Verdelli lemons from Sicily, tomato sauce from Abruzzo from Pezzettoni and Setaro pasta are to be found in the shops. Not to mention a selection of natural transalpine wines to enjoy. And the icing on the cake? The pizzas, each more delicious than the next, are baked in the oven over a wood fire, with the products of the day.

A well-known address for Italian food lovers in the 6th arrondissement, Chez Bartolo has just been taken over by Olivia Decaris, Alexis Bénézet and Nicolas Valadier. A trio determined to awaken its decor while remaining faithful to its former spirit. With frescoes bearing the effigy of Vesuvius by Eliette Daudet climbing the walls, and furniture in a monochrome of warm colours (a nod to Neapolitan lemon and mandarin trees), the place offers a menu like in Naples that brings together crisp pizzas over a wood fire, fresh pasta and creamy burrata.

To enjoy a tasty pizza, as in Naples, head to Magnà. Julien Serri’s new restaurant, a high-flying pizza chef, which has set up in rue Notre-Dame de Lorette in Paris. Served folded in half (“in a wallet”), these pizzas are made with the finest Italian products. Our favourite recipe? T’ar’tufa with mozzarella fior di latte, tartufata cream, ham with rostello herbs and truffle shavings. Yummy!

Decorated by David-Olivier Descombes, UNO is David Soussan’s new Italian restaurant (Cucuzza, Mercier), created in collaboration with Tripletta, expert in Neapolitan pizzas. With chef Julien Chevallier (ex Semilla and Justine) in the kitchen, we find the great specialities of the boot: creamy burrata, vitello tonnato, minestrone, homemade fresh pasta… But also and above all pizzas, ranging from the simplest (margherita) to the most noble (Aldo Maccione with truffle and parma ham). The icing on the cake is the large terrace, surrounded by the Pinault Foundation, the jardin des Halles and Saint-Eustache in the distance.

Well known to purists of the genre, Da Graziella is led by Arnaud Lacombe, who already owns Vivant, but also by Graziella Buontempo, a Neapolitan with a fine palate and a sharp eye. Within the walls of an old tiled bird house, visitors come to crunch wonderful pizzas, baked in Sorrento’s wood-fired oven: a high-flying marina, cacio y pepe with walnuts and fresh basil, the Amatrice with ricotta de buffala and guanciale… We can find our way there with our eyes closed.

If its decor populated with candy pink stools and pulsating with tone-on-tone neon lights may surprise you, Dalmata is nevertheless one of the best pizzerias in Paris. In Neapolitan style, the pizzas are made with a long matured dough, well inflated on the edges. Among our favourites? The must-have margarita with San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella fior di latte, Greenland with pesto cream and grilled pine nuts or Black Delirium with mushrooms and fresh truffle.

After Belleville and Bordeaux, Tripletta opens its third address in the Gaité Montparnasse district of Paris. Taking pride in using only organic and/or DOP certified products, this new address seduces with its mouth-watering menu, featuring classic pizzas and more original creations. Any examples? Touco with gorgonzola and chilli, cheesus christ with brie de meaux and salmone with smoked salmon, mozzarella fior di latte d’Agerola and lemon zest. Any other good points? The menu of skilfully vintage cocktails prefect for the apperitivo.

Led by the expert restaurateur David Lahner, to whom we owe the Bon Saint Pourçain and Racine des Prés, Anima is one of the best values in Saint-Germain-Des-Prés. Behind the stoves, we find the Piedmontese chef Mattéo Testo, trained at Simone Tondo’s, armed with a fabulous wood-fired oven. The menu is simple and effective. The decoration is well worked with its wallpaper signed Pierre Frey, its tablecloths and its marble bar. A good address in short.

With a colossal pizza oven in the centre, Atelier Bizzo opened its doors in 2018 on rue du Faubourg Poissonnière in Paris. Based on a 100% custom-made menu, this pizzeria gives its visitors a customizable form when they arrive: Neapolitan pasta with inflated edges and ultra-thin romaine style pasta. Then there are a prodigious number of fresh ingredients, most of them from Italy, from the most classic (cooked or raw buffalo, cherry tomato, parmesan, basil, mushroom, egg, cooked ham…) to the most sophisticated (scamorza, taleggio, sausage with fennel, mozza fior di latte…) all to be enjoyed in a cosy setting by Dorothée Meilichzon.

At the foot of Montmartre, Bijou has just finished second in the 50 Top Pizza ranking. A list of winners drawn up each year by experts in the field, who went to test the best pizzerias throughout Europe. This is not surprising when you know the dexterity of its chef Gennaro Nasti who proposes an innovative concept. Baked in the wood fire, it is once out of the oven and cut into six. The pizza is garnished with its topping: Buffalo mozzarella, basil, pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio, marinated courgettes, stracciatella, grilled octopus…. A changing and different approach one might say.

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