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Possibly the most globally-celebrated fashion trend turned classic closet mainstay, luxury activewear has transcended the confines of the gym to be spotted, well, virtually everywhere on the street, and we couldn’t approve more. 

Blurring the lines between the gym locker room and our everyday wardrobe thanks to a new range of high-quality performance materials, playful prints, and designs, today’s workout clothes are not only highly functional and comfortable, but they are also chic and flattering

Some modern activewear pieces are so flattering they will make you feel fit before even working out. Yes, they are that good.

Case in point: Mind The Wear.

Now worn by just about everyone from everyday athletes to celebrities and supermodels, luxury activewear has definitely earned its winning spot in the popularity contest. And it is easy to see why

Be it on a school run or running errands, from barre class to the bar, lunging or lounging, in the line for morning coffee, or at the finish line of a 5k race; luxury activewear is de rigueur.

If comfortable athletic clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in your #fitspiration Instagram feed are on your wishlist, Mind The Wear is the activewear brand for you.

mind the wear activewear perfect fit inclusive sizes luxe digital

Launched in 2019 and hailing from the land down under, Australian label Mind The Wear is the new fit kid on the activewear block we recommend getting to know quick.

Set to create confidence-boosting workout essentials for every body, Mind The Wear is designed to “empower women around the world to look good, feel comfortable, and stay active“.

Think figure-contouring seams, ergonomic designs, quick-dry technologies, soft, supportive fabrics, and then some.

Fit for your fast-paced lifestyle

Women of all shapes and sizes—from petite to tall, thin to curvy—deserve fitness gear that fits. But finding quality clothes that celebrate bodies in all of their forms can be stressful, if not demoralising. This was the catalyst for starting Mind The Wear. 

There’s no denying how bad-fitting activewear can downgrade your workout—the wrong bra support, waistbands that don’t stay put, and don’t get us started on the leggings that are sliding down. 

Aptly named label Mind The Wear has made it their mission to stop your active clothes from being, well, on your mind, and getting in the way of smashing your goals as evidenced by their “Worry about your workout, we’ll worry about your apparel ” motto— and that sounds pretty good to us.

mind the wear activewear inclusivity body positivity luxe digital

With a thoughtful approach to body positivity and a focus on answering real-life problems, Mind The Wear uses direct community feedback to design carefully considered pieces for real-life bodies of all kinds.

High-performance athletic pieces? Check. 

Initially inspired by the market needs for functional size-inclusive pieces, their first collection includes squat and bounce proof styles for petite and tall ladies. 

Their sports tops include supportive bras with removable padding, functional zip, seamless neckline, for a comfortable workout and flattering fit. 

Fashionably functional designs? Check.

If activewear is loved for being versatile, the thoughtful addition of practical features makes them all the more functional. Mind the Wear’s legging is Exhibit A. Done. Win. 

Stylish enough to wear beyond the studio and supportive enough for high-impact workouts, the ultra-flattering leggings introduced this season are practically made for living. They feature roomy handy side pockets big enough to fit the largest phones in the market (i.e. Samsung S20 Ultra). Mind The Wear is calling, and it’s definitely for the practical fashionistas among us.

mind the wear inclusive body positivite activewear luxe digital

Oh, and did we mention that these high-waisted tights also feature a back zip pocket large enough to fit your keys and a credit card?

Instant downtime cool? Check and check.

Top up your leggings with their streetwear-inspired garments like their cropped hoodies or crop tops for that effortlessly cool off-duty supermodel look or lazy Sunday couch sessions (guilty as charged).

Head over to their online store to discover their entire collection.

Elevated workout essentials: Sleek, sporty, and smart

It’s no secret that the right sporty-chic outfits can perform motivational miracles (Hello, confidence boost!) and power you through your most challenging sweat sessions. 

With so many attractive options on the market, finding an activewear set that you like is easy, but finding pieces that will actually fit your frame is another challenge entirely.

Mind The Wear has won over our hearts (and active closets) with its sleek silhouettes, its contemporary feel, and the easy-going, approachable vibe at the heart of its signature style.

Because, in a sea of pastels and bold prints, sometimes all you really want is fifty shades of black. 

Mind The Wear’s capsule line of activewear is grounded in a satisfyingly minimalist palette of classic black­ and white with just a hint of refreshing mint and modern detailings (think mesh insets and contrasting straps). 

Their performance-ready activewear strikes the perfect balance between comfortable and classy, laid-back and luxe, functional and fashionable… In short: elevated basics for active days. 

“Our vision for Mind The Wear is to fuse high-fashion and high-performance to create next-level activewear that addresses the problems faced by modern-day women. We want our activewear collection to feel empowering. We want to help everyday athletes get the best out of our clothes in and out of the gym.

Janie Tsai, Founder Mind The Wear

Mind The Wear is already giving more expensive athletic brands a run for their money. Their capsule collection includes leggings, sports bras, and tops in universally flattering designs (currently offered in sizes XS – L) and at a surprisingly accessible price point. The logoed crop top will run you $23, while leggings retail for $58 to $60. 

Mind The Wear works tirelessly to perfect the comfort and style of their lines without sacrificing quality. 

Made to perform and designed to ensure the best, most flattering fit, Mind The Wear will give you a peaceful mind throughout your most intense workouts and lets you seamlessly transition from the spin class to a post-workout brunch. No sweat.

mind the wear activewear all body types luxe digital

Each season, Mind The Wear releases limited-edition intentional lines with a purpose. And they would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for their future collection. Get your say in what they’ll design next by answering a few questions in this survey.

In short, they MIND THE WEAR. We can’t wait to see what’s to come. 

In the meantime, all that’s left to do is to focus on sweating in style.

The activewear collection is available online at

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